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Best Benchtop Jointer - Best Options and Reviews 2022

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Generally speaking, jointers are electric power tools that are used to flatten pieces of wood. They are characterized by a large base and a flat surface on top of the tool. There are different types of jointers and they all share the same function. In this guide, we will focus on benchtop models. This type of jointer can be attached to a workbench for more stability and is an ideal option for small work areas. Keep reading as we break down the main features of these tools and help you pick the best benchtop jointer on the market.

Factors should consider before buying a benchtop jointer

Finding the right power tool can be a daunting task unless you read already researched benchtop jointer reviews. After all, the market is filled with overhyped products with questionable craftsmanship and subpar engineering. To make things even worse, manufacturers will often throw a lot of superfluous and unnecessary specs at you, adding to your confusion and uncertainty. To help you sift through all this, we have narrowed the factors that you should consider down to these few points:

Power of the motor

Since we are talking about a power tool, it is only natural that this factor is at the top of the list. The power of the motor varies from machine to machine and your own choice will have to depend on the type of work that you plan to use the benchtop jointer for. If you want the optimal level of power for a wide range of applications, opt for a motor that can produce a minimum of 1 HP.

The quality of the fence

The fence is one of the most important components of a benchtop jointer. It is what stabilizes the wood when you are working on it. A high-quality fence should be flat, extremely durable, and preferably adjustable so that you can have the ability to work in different angles.

The cutter head

The cutter head is the rotating blade that is responsible for cutting through the wood. It usually consists of multiple blades, also called knives. In order for them to be effective, they must be arranged in a radial fashion.

Dust collection

One of the main inconveniences of working with a benchtop jointer is the sheer amount of dust that it produces. To avoid this problem, you need to make sure that the jointer has an effective built-in dust collection system. It is also worth noting that some models come with a dust collection bag that is specifically designed for that particular benchtop jointer.

Best Benchtop jointers list

Popular Benchtop jointer reviews

Cutech 40160H-CT

If you value top performance over anything else, this is one of the first options that you should consider. The Cutech 40160H-CT boasts a powerful 10 AMP 120V motor that ensures a smooth operation and features a wide 30-inch table that is versatile enough for a wide range of applications. This unit’s performance and flexibility make it ideal for hobbyists and professionals alike. More importantly, it is easy to use and it doesn’t come with a steep learning curve like some of its competitors.

Despite its compact and relatively slim design, the Cutech is capable of handling boards up to 4 feet in length. As far as the type of material is concerned, it can deal with anything from soft and light wood to hard and rough types. Some other practical attributes of this unit include its ability to keep dust outside the machine and its remarkable capacity to operate quietly at all times.

The pros

  • It is easy to use
  • It has the ability to operate quietly
  • The machine is versatile enough for various types of work
  • It is effective when it comes to fending off dust

The cons

  • It can’t handle boards longer than 4 feet
  • The fence is not easily adjustable

Grizzly G0725

If you happen to have a small work area, you should consider getting the Grizzly Benchtop Jointer G0725. This benchtop jointer comes with several features that make it a good bargain for the price point. Moreover, the build quality of this unit is almost unmatched in this range. Unlike the vast majority of similarly-priced models, this unit is made from heavy duty cast iron and is designed to last very long.

Performance wise, this benchtop jointer delivers the same high level of performance that we have come to expect from Grizzly. It is powered by a decent 1-1/2-HP, 110V motor and is capable of delivering a cutter head speed that exceeds 10,000 RPM. Like most entry-level units, the Grizzly G0725 is designed to handle boards that are around 3 to 4 feet in length. In order to provide more convenience and ensure a smooth operation, an internal exhaust fan and a dust collection bag were included.

The pros

  • It is competitively priced
  • It is made from durable cast iron
  • The motor is quite fast and powerful
  • Comes with an internal exhaust fan and a dust collection bag

The cons

  • The quality of the fence is questionable


If your budget is tight, this affordable benchtop jointer will do the job, and as far as value for price is concerned, this unit is the automatic choice for you. It is equipped with a good motor that produces adequate power and is made from high-quality iron that gives it the necessary durability that is required in the workshop. Furthermore, the benchtop has a flexible fence that can easily be maneuvered in different angles which enables you to perform various cuts on a multitude of materials.

The dust collection system that is included in the Powertec BJ600 is simply outstanding and comprehensive. It consists of an internal contraption that vacuums dust to the outside and a spacious collection bag that saves you the hassle of getting a brand new one just for this purpose.

The pros

  • It provides tremendous value for the price
  • It has a robust and durable construction
  • It is fairly wide
  • The benchtop is equipped with an internet dust collection system

The cons

  • It is difficult to assemble
  • The fence adjustments could use some improvement

Shop Fox W1829

The benchtop jointer has a lot of going for it. It is powered by a single-phase 110V 12 amp motor that generates 1-1/2 of horsepower and boasts a staggering cutter head speed of 10,000 RPM and 20,000 cuts per minute. Despite this level of performance, the Shop Fox is energy efficient and doesn’t consume a lot of electricity. The dimensions of the table allow it to cut boards that are slightly longer than 3 feet.

Besides its impressive speed, one of the biggest selling points of this unit is its immaculate accuracy. The convenient adjustment knob coupled with the flexibility of the preset angles allows for more stability and precision. Additionally; the solid construction of the benchtop adds to its great balance and stability.

The pros

  • Great stability and precision
  • The present cutting angles are easily adjustable
  • Boasts an impressive cutter head speed
  • It is equipped with an effective dust collection system
  • Produces clean cuts

The cons

  • The instructions are very confusing
  • The outfeed table is prone to sloping downwards

Porter Cable Benchtop Jointer 6 Inch Variable Speed Bench Jointer

This is another budget benchtop jointer that is ideal for a small workshop. The speed of the motor is quite decent for the price and has a variable range of 6, 000 to 11, 000 RPM. This feature is extremely valuable when you are dealing with various kinds of material. This bench jointer is equipped with a set of two cutter head knives and includes an effective cutter head lock system that makes adjusting and replacing the knives an easy and straightforward process.

Another great aspect of this porter cable benchtop jointer is the size of the table. It is surprisingly long and wide which provides you with a large work surface and enables the machine to handle boards that are as long as 3 feet. It also provides good dust collection when used in tandem with an external vacuum.

The pros

  • The motor has variable speed settings
  • The tool is easy to assemble and use
  • The price is relatively affordable
  • It is equipped with a cutter head lock system

The cons

  • The fence doesn’t feel sturdy enough to handle prolonged use
  • It can’t handle a heavy workload

Benefits of Using a Benchtop Jointer

This is one of the machines that fit both the pro and hobbyist in woodworking. Sometimes it may get boring working with the same set of wood and design and you want to incorporate something else that will make your work more attractive and professional. In that case, you will need to have a benchtop jointer to do the work efficiently without many hassles.

You, of course, need to know why you need to get this tool as a woodworker and the benefits it portrays to you. You need something that will make your output better than it is. Here are some benefits of using and having benchtop jointer in your workshop:

  1. They are fast

Compared to the usual hand planing that requires much of your energy and time, benchtop jointer is fast. You don’t have to be a pro to use it effectively. Even a novice can use it fast and the results will be overwhelming.

  1. It is simple to use

Unlike the multiple jigs that tradition woodworkers used to use so as to start working on their workpiece, benchtop jointer makes the work simpler. No more jigs to start working.

  1. They are cheap

You definitely don’t have to break a bank to purchase this machine. The ones we have listed in this article are both in perfect quality and prices. You just need to play within your budget and you will get a great tool that will take your woodwork to the next level. You get value for your money when you have the tool. Any of the benchtop jointer we listed can save you the money.

  1. It takes less space

Since the machine is a bit compact, it takes less space as opposed to having two machines that will do the joining and the planing. This makes it suitable even for the upcoming woodworkers that don’t have large workshops. They can be set in any small room and it will function efficiently.

  1. Its maintenance cost is low

You don’t have to spend a lot of money doing repairs. All you need is to do the adjusting, sharpening, replacing broken parts, and doing lubrication for any moving part. Since the machine will come with a manual from the manufacturer, you will need to go through the manual to know what you are supposed to do in order to maintain the machine and to keep it running effectively for years.


Reading this guide should give you a clear idea of what to expect from the best benchtop jointer. All the models that we have reviewed in this list are capable of delivering a professional grade performance. Whether it is durability, high quality engineering, or flexibility, each of these units is a worthy investment and is guaranteed to satisfy your requirements.

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Updated: November 10, 2021

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