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Best CNC Router - Buying Guide and Reviews 2022


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Experienced hobbyists and professionals who know their way around a workshop are no strangers to the effectiveness and convenience that are provided by CNC routers. While these machines are not exactly known amongst the general population, they are in fact slowly replacing the outdated analog tools and are on their way to becoming the preferred option for a wide array of projects. The cutting speed and precision that these power tools offer are simply unmatched. If you are looking to invest in one of these machines for your workshop, then you have come to the right place. Our comprehensive guide will go over every single aspect of CNC routers and will help you pick the best CNC router for small shop.

Things to consider before buying CNC router kit

Before making a decision on which model to go with, there are several features and attributes that you need to know about. The specs of power tools can be quite complex at times, especially for novice users. To help you understand how these machines operate and what to expect from them, we narrowed the main factors that you should focus on to these few aspects:

The size of the table

Regardless of the type of work that you are planning to do, the size of the table should be one of the first things that you consider. Having a table with a spacious surface allows the machine to accommodate large materials and prepares you for all sorts of projects. Another convenient feature that you should pay attention to is the extensibility. Tables that can expand can become valuable down the line as the nature of your projects and needs change.

Software compatibility

Before buying a particular model, you need to have a clear idea about its software compatibility and the type of control software that it uses. It is imperative that you check the list of operating systems that the CNC router is compatible with to verify if it can operate with the OS that the desktop or laptop is using. For control, you should go with a unit that is equipped with the GRBL software, one of the most effective and easy-to-use programs on the market.

Power of the motor

The plethora of features that come with CNC routers shouldn’t distract you from the main quality that any high-performing model should have; a powerful motor that is capable of handling the majority of your projects. You need to make sure that your CNC router is powered by a motor that can generate enough torque and speed to work efficiently on the heavy applications that require continuous load changes.

Feed speed

Feed speed refers to how fast the materials move into the cutter. This metric is important because it lets you know the amount of speed that is ideal for a particular project. If the rate isn’t compatible with the type of material that is being used, you could run the risk of burning it and creating a lot of dust.

Dust collection

As it is the case with any power tool that is destined for heavy applications, working with a CNC router is bound to create a lot of dust. That is why you should opt for a machine that comes with a comprehensive dust collection mechanism that ensures the cleanliness of your work area. Before making a decision on which CNC kit to buy, make sure to check how the dust collection is done. It is worth noting that some machines include a system that is entirely internal while others require you to invest in a number of external components.

Maintenance requirements

This aspect is often ignored by users who don’t have extensive experience working with power tools. A machine that has high maintenance requirements will often cost you a lot of money to upkeep and more often than not, you will be forced to seek the assistance of a professional. However, this does not apply to all manufacturers in the industry. Some machines are actually easy to maintain and come with a clear set of instructions that delve into every little detail of how you should keep the power tool up and running.


Milling and drilling a wide range of materials can be quite strenuous on the various components of a CNC router. This is why the sturdiness and durability of the components of the machine should always take precedence over some of the more superficial features that manufacturers have a tendency to overhype. Always go with a CNC machine that is built from heavy-duty materials rather than cheap plastic.


Stability is extremely important during the process of drilling and milling. If you want to get the utmost quality and precision in your projects, the tool needs to be stable when it is operating at full capacity. In order for it to achieve this, it needs to be heavy enough to remain steady at all times and should preferably feature an internal mechanism that diffuses vibrations and ensures more balance when you are working.

Easy assembly process

A complex assembly process might not be an issue for advanced users who have the necessary technical prerequisites to take on this challenge, but if you happen to be a beginner, you should avoid getting a unit that is difficult to assemble. Some kits are not only difficult to assemble; they actually don’t come with any instructions which make the assembly process impossible without the help of a qualified technician.  To that extent, you should opt for an option that is novice-friendly and includes comprehensive and clear instructions on how to proceed.

Best CNC Router Kit Options

Popular CNC Router Kits Reviews

1 - BobsCNC E3

Calling this CNC router kit from BobsCNC comprehensive would be a huge understatement. Everything that you need is included in this amazing package. For the relatively low price, you are getting a milling motor, software for the controller, and a wide assortment of electronics. The quality of the craftsmanship is excellent and premium wood was used to make most of the parts of this machine. The setup process is intuitive and straightforward for anyone with a basic understanding of DIY machinery and the whole thing is made even easier thanks to the complete manual that is available on the company’s website.

The main qualities of this unit are its impressive accuracy and remarkable stability. Thanks to its sturdy construction, rigid laser cut frame, and SG20U supported rail system, the E3 CNC router is capable of providing a decent level of performance that far exceeds its price point. The speed of the motor reaches 30,000 RPM, which ideal for working on any type of wood. These features makes this product one of the best cnc router for woodworking.

As far as longevity and durability are concerned, the vast majority of users had no issues with the BobsCNC E3 and some customers have even reported that it the unit was working smoothly even after being frequently used for months.


  • The overall quality of the design is impressive for the price point
  • The router is very powerful and fast
  • The unit is durable enough to handle frequent use
  • It is fairly stable and accurate
  • The manual walks you through every step of the assembling process
  • The price is relatively low for the number of features that it boasts


  • The speed of the router isn’t suited for materials other than wood
  • The machine is quite loud

2 - SainSmart Genmitsu CNC 3018

This is another affordable option on our list. It has several attributes that make it worthy of the consideration of any serious hobbyist, because it's surely one of the best hobby cnc router.. The first thing that jumps at you when looking at the SainSmart Genmitsu is the sheer size of its working area. With dimensions of 300 x 180 x45 mm, it boasts one of the most spacious areas on the market and it is wide enough to handle most of your engraving projects.

When it comes to its internal structure, this unit features an integrated main board and custom software, which contributes to creating a perfect symbiosis between software and hardware. The software is an open-source one and was designed specifically to control movement. More importantly, it is simple to use and operating it requires no programming prerequisites. As for the assembling process, it is relatively simple and you should be able to get the hang of it after browsing the comprehensive guide that breaks every single step down.

Another major selling point of this CNC router kit is its versatility. While most of its competitors are only capable of operating on wood, the CNC 3018 works smoothly on a wide array of materials that range from PVCs, and PCBs to most types of plastics.


  • The assembly instructions are clear and detailed
  • This kit is ideal for a beginner
  • The engraving machine is very versatile and can handle a wide range of materials
  • The kit provides great value for the price
  • It offers one of the most spacious work areas on the market
  • It comes with an effective and easy to use software


  • Some users encountered issues when trying to download the software
  • You will need to add some oil to the Z-axis if you want it to operate smoothly


This kit covers all the bases that you need and is mostly destined for seasoned users who want to take their work to the next level. The package contains a CNC router and a set of 10 mill engraving bits. The DIY 2418 has a wide working area that provides you with ample room for your projects and is versatile enough to handle different materials like wood, plastic, acrylic, PCB, PVC, as well as soft metal like copper and aluminum. It is powered by a 775 spindle motor that is capable of delivering a decent speed of 7000 RPM, which is right in that sweet spot that gives you the flexibility to experiment with different types of projects and materials.

This unit is compatible with most operating systems and boasts an efficient structure that integrates the main board with customized software. For control, this CNC router uses the effective 2418 GRBL software that has become a mainstay in the industry.

As we have previously stated, this model is specifically designed for experienced users who have the necessary technical prerequisites to operate it. The setup process requires some level of familiarity with programming as well as an understanding of how to work with tools. If you don’t fancy yourself a handyman, it is advisable that you look elsewhere.


  • It is one of the most affordable professional grade kits on the market
  • The stepper motors work just as advertised
  • It is ideal for a wide range of materials
  • The optimal speed of the motor gives it a lot of flexibility


  • Not suited for beginners
  • Some parts are made from cheap plastic


MYSWEETY is a brand that has amassed a well-earned reputation for crafting some of the finest CNC routers on the market, and this model is a perfect example of that. It has all the attributes and characteristics that you’d like to see in a complete kit; a spacious working area, a decent spindle motor that produces impressive speeds, and an overall high standard of performance that is rare in this price range. Moreover, the engraving machine is designed to engrave everything from plastic and wood to PVC and PCB materials.

Durability wise, we feel that this kit is one of the most robust ones that we have reviewed. The engraving machine is made from great materials and the stainless steel screws are quite secure and tightly attached to the frame. It is also equipped with lead 4mm, double copper nuts that are highly effective when it comes to eliminating backlash when you are working.

The router can accommodate various types of software. For control, it uses GrblController, an open source program that helps you control the machine during the milling and drilling process.  It is also compatible with tool path creation software Artcam2008 and the PCB processing software Coppercam. The last two programs are not included in the kit and can be downloaded on the software maker’s website.


  • The router is compatible with several types of software
  • The engraving machine can operate on most materials
  • The motor has decent speed
  • It boasts a solid and durable construction
  • It offers a wide working area


  • The control board is a little bit confusing and some users had trouble using it
  • There is no tutorial or instructions on how to run the software

SainSmart Genmitsu

This compact and sleek looking CNC router kit is the most affordable option from SainSmart Genmitsu. Despite its low price, the drop-off in quality between it and other expensive models is barely noticeable. While its working area is less spacious than the premium versions, it is still substantially wider than most of its direct competitors in its price range. It has the same innovative design that combines an integrated mainboard with custom software, resulting in a more smooth and streamlined operation.

Like all models from the company, this unit uses the GRBL software as a control program. This open source software runs on Arduino and has become an industry standard due to its simplicity, effectiveness, and more importantly, its peerless dependability. The engraving machine is capable of cutting most types of materials and can even handle light metals such as soft aluminum.

As far as the assembly is concerned, the process is simple enough to the point that a novice user might be able to complete it. Besides the clear and detailed instructions that come with the kid, you also have the option of checking a step by step guide on the SainSmart wiki page or contacting the highly responsive customer support if any issues arise while assembling the machine.


  • It is easy to assemble and operate
  • This machine is one of the best CNC router for aluminum
  • The company’s customer support is very responsive and helpful
  • It provides a decent working area for the price point
  • The user manual is comprehensive
  • The software and drivers are included in the kit
  • It is one of the sturdiest entry-level machines on the market


  • It is not as accurate as the larger models

CNC Router Maintenance Practices

No matter the type of machine that you are using, you will need to maintain it if you want to see the best out of it. CND Router is not an exception. It is slowly taking its roots into the market with the aim of replacing most of the commonly used tools.

Its speed and efficiency are some of the factors that are making it a reliable machine. If any machine is not maintained then its life span tends to be shorter. You can prevent some future occurrences by performing the following maintenance practices on your CNC router:

  1. Regular cleaning

Every machine needs some cleaning as often as possible depending on the environment it is operating in. If the environment is dusty, then you need to do some cleaning after you have closed the work for the day before storing it. If the chips buildup on the machine, they are likely to enter into the bearings and other critical controls that will lead to malfunction. You can decide to lower the air pressure whenever you are cleaning.

  1. Keep changing the filters

Well, this is common in the automobile industry but it is very applicable in the CNC Router. Having clogged filters will lead to malfunctioning of the control box and even vacuum pumps. However, the frequency of use will highly depend on the type of material that is being cut and how much dust it is producing. It is advisable to always do a check up on the filters after every week and if need be you can change accordingly.

  1. Lubrication of moving areas

Well with CNC routers you will not be tasked with so much of extensive lubrication but the machine must be maintained accordingly. However, as for every machine, there is need for lubrication. Bearing, oscillating knives, and pumps will need constant lubrication. You do the lubrication based on the type of machine and the environment in which it is operating.

  1. Use a safe power source

The electric power that will keep on fluctuating will not do you a great deal in maintaining your CNC router. The power must be sufficient and be properly connected. Low voltage, shots, poor grounding or insufficient supply can make your machine to stop abruptly.

  1. Maintain the right pressure level

You have to keep on checking the air pressure that is coming into your machine. It operates best in a dry, clean, and optimum air pressure. Changes in pressure can easily destroy your machine. Ensure you are using the right specifications.


Picking the best CNC router can be a challenging task for a novice user. Fortunately for you, our guide covers everything that you need to know about these impressive machines and each of the models that we choose has what it takes to do the job in your workshop.

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  1. I'm always cutting large items, and the sturdiness and stability of a CNC router is very important to me. The choices that you've gathered all seem very reliable and were very helpful in deciding which would be best for my workshop.

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