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Best LED Work Light 2020 – Buying Guide and Reviews

Whether you are a professional or simply a DIY enthusiast, you have probably found yourself in a situation where you had to work in the dark or under a very dim light. Anyone who has experienced these work conditions can attest to how frustrating they can be. Fortunately, led work lights were created with the sole intention of solving this issue. Below is a brief overview of some of the best LED work light on the market.

Factors you should know before buying

When it comes to LED work lights, the market offers you a plethora of unique design concepts and innovative features, however, all these tools share the same basic function and the main variables that determine their quality are virtually identical.

Stability of the tripod

If you go with a model that includes a tripod, you need to make sure that it is stable enough to ensure a secure stand for the LED light.

Cooling mechanism

If you are planning to use the light for an extended period of continuous work, it is imperative that you get a model that can effectively diffuse the heat and maintain a cool temperature.

The projection range

Depending on the size of the working area, the LED work light that you get needs to be capable of illuminating the entire space.

FAQs about LED Work Light

Anyone who is in carpentry who needs precision and want to follow a certain design in producing something will tell you the importance of having a well-lit room. However, this is not always the case with most workshop. Some machines have been designed to have their own lamp to enable the user to see clearly what they are working on.

Fortunately, even for the machines that don’t have their own lighting can now be used alongside LED work light. This has turned out to be one of the most important tools that characteristics many workshops in our modern world. However, there are a lot of questions with regard to the safety of this tool. Here are some of the FAQs:

  1. How do LED work Light function?

Well, in a single LED there are numerous and multiple small lights that are usually fitted with microchips. As electrons pass through that semiconductor material all the light sources beam releasing light.

  1. How much can I save by using a LED light?

In a workshop that you needed to do some wiring to brighten it, you will only need one LED work light to ensure that you can see everything well. Wiring will cost much than a single LED light. Eventually, you will have saved over $100.

  1. Which is the best color for me as a carpenter?

Well, a carpenter or a DIYer needs something that is clear that will enable them to see their workpiece. Any woodworker should go for soft white LED. Of course, this LED lighting comes in diverse colors that match different occasions but other bright colors may not do well with carpenters.

  1. Are LED work Lights dimmable?

In this case, you will need to check properly at the packaging bag or the manufacturers’ manual so as to see whether the light that you are purchasing can be dimmed if it is too bright. However, some LED lights are dimmable.

  1. Is it safe to leave the light on for long?

LED lights are designed to stay for long hours however, it is always advisable that you switch off the light if you are not working in a well-lit room. There are many functions of the LED lights that make them usable in diverse environments. Don’t use your work light for other outdoor activities.

  1. Do LED lights last for long

Yes as compared to the incandescent bulbs. Led work light can last at most 50,000 hours or almost 30-plus years if well-maintained and used for properly. A LED work light is a great investment for you.

Best LED work light reviews

1 – PowerSmith PWL2140TS Dual-Head

PowerSmith PWL2140TS Dual-Head 40W 4000 Lumen LED Work Light with Metal Lamp Housing and Telescoping...
442 Reviews
PowerSmith PWL2140TS Dual-Head 40W 4000 Lumen LED Work Light with Metal Lamp Housing and Telescoping...
  • POWERFUL – 4,000 TRUE Lumen Brightness, 5,000K Color Temperature | When you...
  • CONVENIENCE – 9 ft power cord with grounded plug while other brands have...
  • LONGEVITY - Long-lasting Super-bright leds | 50,000 hour rating and no...
  • VERSATILITY - Adjustable tilt: up to 30° down and 90° up | Position the light...

This option is ideal if you happen to be working in a large area. The stability and adjustability that is provided by this model are extremely valuable in this particular situation. The tripod that hoists the lights has the ability to extend by more than 80 inches and features a quick-release mechanism that allows you to remove the lights quickly and easily. As far as power is concerned, the PowerSmith isn’t too shabby despite the simplistic and compact design; it uses two powerful 40-watt LED fixtures that boast a staggering total output of over 4,000 lumens. This LED light is currently one of the best led work light with tripod.


  • It has the ability to light a large area without producing a lot of heat
  • It doesn’t consume a lot of energy
  • The tripod is stable and adjustable
  • The tow LED fixtures are fairly powerful
  • Good value for the price


  • The stand could be sturdier
  • It doesn’t extend long enough for people over 6’4


2 – Hallomall [15W 24LED] Spotlights – Best Portable Led Work Light

[15W 24LED] Spotlights Work Lights Outdoor Camping Lights, Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries...
1,964 Reviews
[15W 24LED] Spotlights Work Lights Outdoor Camping Lights, Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries...
  • 15W 24LED super bright LED work lights, bright enough.
  • With 2 Blue and 2 Red Flashing LEDS,the best gear in a roadside emergency.
  • Built in high quality lithium battery and with 2 USB port to charge the mobile...
  • Portable and Lightweight work light,easy to carry or put onto the ground with...

There are many reasons why this model is one of our top picks. First of all, it comes at a very affordable price and it boasts a number of attributes that enable it to operate in various environments. However, the biggest selling point of this unit is without a doubt the practical way that it is powered. Unlike the majority of corded work lights that rely on an external power source, the Hallomall employs a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This enables you to take the spotlight with you to the outdoors and work in remote areas where there is no electricity, that’s why it’s the one of the best rechargeable led work light.


  • It provides great mobility and portability
  • The battery life is quite impressive
  • The affordable price
  • It doesn’t overheat
  • It is waterproof
  • It is equipped with a USB port that allows you to charge your devices


  • The knobs feel a little bit loose
  • The glass is liable to break and needs to be handled carefully


3 – Caterpillar CT1000 Pocket Light

Cat Work Lights CT1000 Pocket Work Light, Small, Black/Yellow
1,107 Reviews
Cat Work Lights CT1000 Pocket Work Light, Small, Black/Yellow
  • COB LED WORK LIGHT: This portable work light has a magnetic base & rear pocket...
  • HEAVY DUTY: Designed with a lightweight, heavy-duty ABS thermoplastic body...
  • THE WORK LIGHTING EXPERTS: We specialize in making rugged & durable work...
  • INNOVATION AT ITS FINEST: Cat lights are top quality lighting products with...

This is a good option if you are looking for a compact work light that is both versatile and cheap. This unit from Caterpillar has a slim design that fits effortlessly in your pocket and comes with a rear clip that allows it to firmly attach to your pants. The frame is made from water-resistant reinforced plastic and feels quite sturdy upon close inspection. You can expect to get 7 hours of continuous work out of this work light when you are using three AAA batteries.


  • The slim design fits in any pocket
  • Comes with a rear clip that facilitates hands-free operating
  • Has a water-resistant body
  • It can produce 175 lumens of COB LED light


  • The projection range is not very wide
  • The included magnet is not that strong


4 – Tacklife 5000LM 50W LED Work Light

Tacklife 5000LM 50W LED Work Light [100LED,400W Equivalent], IP65 Waterproof Flood Light, Adjustable...
204 Reviews
Tacklife 5000LM 50W LED Work Light [100LED,400W Equivalent], IP65 Waterproof Flood Light, Adjustable...
  • 【 Extreme Brightness & Power Saving 】With 5000 lumens to illuminate wherever...
  • 【 Portability & Flexibility 】Built with 120-degree beam angle, 270-degree...
  • 【Great heat Dissipation】The practical design style with the whole black...
  • 【Solid built & Waterproof】Anti-rust paint with the High quality aluminium...

This work light from Tacklife offers a great angle rotation that enables you to project light into every single corner of your work area. It is remarkably slim which makes for easy storage and boasts a moisture-resistant body that is suited for any type of work environment. More importantly, operating this unit is very easy and is made even more convenient with the inclusion of a set of knobs for adjusting the projection angle.


  • The slim yet durable design of the work light
  • The practical knobs that allow you to adjust the angle
  • It is extremely bright and can produce up to 5000 lumens
  • Features an effective heat dissipation mechanism


  • The placement of the switch is not optimal
  • Some of the locking screws require extra tightening


5 – Milwaukee 2360-20 M18 Trueview LED Hp Flood Light

Milwaukee 2360-20 M18 Trueview LED Hp Flood Light
141 Reviews
Milwaukee 2360-20 M18 Trueview LED Hp Flood Light
  • 20% Brighter than 500W Halogen Flood Light
  • Three light output modes for optimal brightness and runtime: High, Medium and...
  • Dual Power Source: M18 or Corded
  • Light Head rotates 240 degrees with positive stops

This work light comes from one of the few companies that have managed to bring professional grade quality to every customer. Its projection range is one of the widest among the options that we reviewed and its energy consumption is fairly low despite its staggering power. It can either operate on a battery or a cord and comes with 3 brightness settings that allow you to adjust the light according to your own preferences.


  • Comes with 3 brightness settings for a more customizable work experience
  • The projection range is extremely wide
  • The beam is very bright
  • The battery handles prolonged use


  • Its rotation range is not as good as some other similarly-priced options
  • It doesn’t come with charging circuitry


A LED work light is a necessary item for anyone who wants to be adequately prepared for any work conditions.  All the units in this guide are excellent and fairly affordable, just pick the one that you like the most. The best LED work light is an investment that you will never regret.

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  1. Amazing article! I am a big D.I.Y type of gal and this article is inspiring! My last project to extremely longer than necessary! I work a typical 9 to 5 type job. However, when I decided to D.I.Y my ballet area in my car garage, my company placed us on mandatory overtime. I was forced to complete my project at night. Terrible decision! I had horrible lighting. I kept missing the measurements and everything. I will be giving this a try next time.

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