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Best Oscillating Tool On The Market Available Right Now 2022


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A few years back, oscillating multi-tools were rare and used for simple applications. But today, they are something every single person should have at a workshop or in the garage. These tools are essential due to the fact they can be used for applications where other saws and cutting tools are useless. However, in order to enjoy the high level of practicality, you will need the Best Oscillating Tool and for that, we have prepared oscillating tool reviews.

Applications And Benefits Of Best Oscillating Multi-Tools

As we have mentioned earlier, these tools are essential for specific applications. The first and main application is cutting. Of course, some of you will say that circular saws are perfect for that occasion, but the specifics are completely different. Oscillating tools are used for cutting elements such as wood casings, pipes next to the wall and etc. Basically, they have a flat and extended blade which oscillates, so they can cut elements which are inaccessible for the circular saws. For example, you can cut a nail close to the wooden board perfectly flat.

But, these tools are also called multi-tools, simply because they can be used for more than just one application. Here we can see that they are essential for removing paint from the floor or walls, for sanding the floor and tight areas. This is all possible thanks to the aforementioned blade type. There is no need in telling you that in order to use an oscillating tool for different applications, you will need a specific blade. A blade can be designed for cutting, for sanding and etc. Keep in mind that there are different blades for cutting. Some are made to cut wood only, while other cut metal. The third can cut tiles and so on. In essence, a blade is designed to cut one material only.

Another advantage of oscillating tools is the compact size. They can be used in areas which are inaccessible for other tools, like corners. The blade is small, so it can fit almost anywhere. This also makes them mandatory tools for home remodeling projects, for cutting moldings and for wood-related operations.

Scraping adhesive or other materials is one benefit more. You can either use an oscillating tool and complete a job within minutes or you can do it by hand and invest a lot of time in the same task.

The bottom line here is that all oscillating tools are essential for many, different operations. They are definitely something you must have if you are involved with home remodeling, wood, tile works or if you are planning to repaint some item.

Some Cool Tasks you can do With Your Oscillating Multi-Tool

Sometimes we get a certain tool for a specific task not knowing that it can be used to various other activities that you could have bought other tools to do. One such amazing tools is an oscillating multi-tool that is exciting the hearts of many carpenters, woodworkers, and hobbyist. Many homeowners have bought this tool because of its multiple functions it can perform efficiently and effectively.

It is amazing to know that this one tool can be used as a saw, a sander, a scraper, a grinder just to mention but a few. At least now you have known some of the factors to consider so as to get the best oscillating tool. Besides, we have listed some of the best of these tools in the market. But how can you use this tool? It is not just for cleaning corners or making some designs. Here are some more tasks it can perform:

  1. Doing trim cut in

Things have been made easier than they used to be. Previously, before the invention of this tool, for a woodworker to modify some house interiors, they had to do a whole lot of demolitions at least to get what they wanted. But now, you can use this tool to slice and trim through the cardboard.

  1. In cutting doorjambs

Sometimes you may decide to have a new floor in an already existing one. In this case, you will definitely need to trim the doorjamb to make some room for it. Previously, it used to be a laborious and expensive method where you were to use some circular saw. Thanks to oscillating tools for making the work easier.

  1. In making flush cuts

With this tool, you can make cuts even to the steel in the place where you are doing the adjustment. You don’t have to worry about any obstacle like a nail on the service of your cutting.

  1. In removing grouts

Sometimes you may decide to go creative and work on your bathroom where you decide to make a replacement on your grout perhaps to make the bath area fresh. You will be surprised that the oscillating tool can cut even the tile when you are doing this job.

  1. When modifying your cabinets

Installing cabinets can be a big task especially if you don’t have the right tools. However, with the oscillating tool, you the work is simplified and made easier.

Other tasks you can do with this tool include repairing your widow, installing your floor, doing preparations for your painting, doing sanding job, and doing drywall cutouts. That’s how great oscillating tool can be to you.

Best Oscillating Tool Buying Guide

Now you know the main applications of the oscillating tools. But, this also means that they are far from simple tools that can be bought within minutes. You must know that the tools in question are advanced and complicated, which suggests that there are a lot of factors to consider before you make a final decision. Below we will list the main and the most important factors to take into account before reading our oscillating tool reviews.

Corded or cordless

Nowadays you can have an oscillating tool which is powered by a battery or it is corded, meaning that it must be plugged into a socket. There are good and not so good sides of both types. Cordless models can last between 10 and 45 minutes when used. After that, you will have to recharge a battery. On the other hand, they are great when it comes to practicality. In essence, you can use them anywhere you want and even in remote locations.

Corded models are treated as heavy-duty units. They are more advanced and heavier, but also more powerful. We will suggest you to get a model like this if you have a need for a high-end and for an oscillating tool which will be used for several hours per day.


This is an essential factor to consider. The power will be displayed in Amps and it will range between 1.6 and 3 Amps. More power means a higher price and better usability. Those units can be paired with more accessories and they can be used for more applications. At the same time, they are heavier, bigger and they use more electricity (for cordless models). At the end of a day, it is up to you to decide which power you need. If you are planning to use it for heavy-duty operations, more power is essential. Note: It isn’t advised to use a low-power oscillating tool for demanding and heavy-duty operations. They can shorten the lifespan of the electric motor or damage the unit!

Blade compatibility

With which blades your new oscillating tool can be paired? This is a question which must be answered as soon as possible. More blades mean that your new tool can be used for more applications and it will be considered as a professional model. We also have models which are not compatible with many blades, or they can be used with a single type. Those oscillating tools are purpose-made and they can be used for one purpose only.


Because all oscillating tools have vibrations when operating, it is important to take this factor into consideration. Look for a lower level of vibrations simply because they will allow for you to use the tool for a longer period of time. It is also known that high-end or more professional tolls have fewer vibrations than cheap, entry-level units.

The speed of the blade

Speed of the oscillating tool or the blade is determined by the travel distance a blade passes in each stroke. Those that offer a higher speed will travel faster than those with a low speed. However, faster blades and tools are used for more aggressive operations, while slower ones are more refined and can be used for delicate operations. This factor is equally important as the speed of the oscillating tool. Make sure you take it into consideration when looking for a new tool. For most of you, faster will be better.


Here we have an important factor which deserves your full attention. What is included in the package? Some of you will believe that blades shouldn’t be included in the package and that they must be acquired additionally. This is a mistake. A blade can sit up to $30 so it is far from a cheap investment. That’s why you should make sure that the blades are included or at least the oscillating tool come with the ones you need.

Available accessories

We all know that an oscillating tool is as practical as the accessories you can use. That’s why it is important to look for available or compatible accessories. They can help you get a more compact and more usable oscillating tool in general and they can help you use that tool for more advanced operations.

Top 5 Oscillating Tools

Popular Oscillating Tools Reviews

Makita TM3010CX1

There are a few reasons why we believe that the Makita TM3010CX1 is the Best Oscillating Tool available on the market right now. First of all, it is beautifully made and it comes with a case. Then we have the attention to the details which are impressive as well. The large on/off button is easy to use and can be easily accessed even when a user wears gloves. Of course, we must mention that the tested model is a heavy-duty unit which is resistant to wear and tear, so in general, it will be more than just sufficient for professionals and those who are looking for an advanced oscillating tool. In addition, it offers 3 Amps electric motor and the toolless blade replacement.

Variable speed control

This is one of the main advantages of the tested unit. With a simple dial, a user can control the oscillating tool and adjust the speed. The possibilities are almost endless and they start from 6.000 OPMs and can reach 20.000 OPMs. We also liked the fact the speed of the blade will be maintained even when the unit is under pressure. This allows better performances overall and allows for you to cut smoothly at any given moment. Yes, this feature can make a huge difference.

Low noise and fewer vibrations than usual

Yes, this unit has fewer vibrations than most, similar models available on the market at the moment. What this means is that you can use the oscillating saw for a longer period of time and there won’t be a fatigue present, which is common on low-end models. This is another example of the advanced design Makita invested in the unit we have here. Besides the lower level of vibrations, the noise the tested model makes is lower as well. It will generate 80 dB at the highest speed.


  • Fewer vibrations than similar models
  • Lower level of noise
  • Variable speed control
  • Powerful 3 Amp electric motor
  • Toolless blade replacement
  • Great packaging


  • Expensive
  • Complicated user manual


This may be the best oscillating tool 2018 which uses batteries to operate. The DCS355D1 is small, compact, yet powerful and capable of even more demanding operations. You will be definitely going to appreciate the fact the package includes all you are going to need. As such, you will get the tool, blades, sandpapers, accessories and etc. In addition, you also get a case, which is made from heavy-duty plastics. We mentioned that cordless oscillating tools are not professional models. However, this one can be used by professionals who have a need for a lightweight and compact tool of this kind.

57% longer electric motor lifespan

Due to the fact an electric motor is a brushless unit, it will last 57% longer than a conventional electric motor. In essence, this is the state of the art electric component which has been developed specifically for the tested model and similar ones. It has a lot to offer and it is still a powerful unit. It won’t overheat or get damaged even after a long period of use. The just mentioned advantage makes it better and more appealing to the professionals and those who are planning to really use the oscillating tool in question.

Lightweight and compact

After all, when we are looking at cordless models, we want them to be as lightweight as possible and to provide the simplicity we all need. This one, for example, offers precisely that. The overall weight is 3.2 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest models of this kind on the market. Nevertheless, the power and the attention to details are on a high level. What this means is that you can use the oscillating tool for demanding and complicated applications. We should add that it has a low level of vibrations and it is generally quiet.


  • Massive package with 28 items
  • Modern and sophisticated electric motor
  • High-quality unit
  • Decent value for money


  • Complicated to assemble
  • Laser function

Rockwell RK5151K

The oscillating tool review you can see here is more than just impressive and interesting at the same time. First of all, this is another kit, so you get a case, blades, and all available accessories. If this isn’t enough, you should know that the overall price is more than just affordable. You will definitely appreciate the balance of the quality and the cost. If we take a closer look, we can see that the blade can reach 19.000 OPMs and the lowest speed is 10.000 OPMs. But, there are a few more things we will have to explain with the tested model.

Powerful electric motor

We truly liked the electric motor and we can say that it is one of the best in the class. The power is 4.2 Amps which makes it one of the powerful at the moment. Beside the power, we can also see that the tested unit comes with modern and sophisticated electric component. The bottom line here is that the tested unit will operate perfectly regardless of the fact where and in which situations you use the oscillating tool. There is no need to worry about cutting capabilities either. This oscillating saw can cut through anything.

Hyperlock toolless

What this means is that you don’t have to use any tools in order to replace the blade. All is done with bare hands and it takes less than a few seconds, believer not. On the other hand, the clamping force is 1 ton, so the blade will stay in position and provide maximal efficiency all the time. For you, this will be another advantage or benefit taking into consideration. We liked it a lot and so should you. Try to remember that all blades, despite their type or application can be replaced like this.


  • Affordable
  • 2 Amps electric motor is more than just powerful
  • Toolless blade replacement
  • Compact and very comfortable to use
  • Great carrying case
  • Modern design


  • The lowest speed of the blade is 10.000 OPMs
  • Customer support

Dremel MM40-05

In the oscillating tool comparison we have conducted, the one in question received high ratings thanks to the facts, it is a well-made and a smart model. We say smart because it offers some advanced, yet simple features which can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall simplicity of the tool. For example, you get a Quick Boost feature which will maintain the speed of the blade while cutting. There is also a Quick replacement feature which allows for you to replace a blade without the need to use a tool. The MM40-05 is specifically designed to be used with a single hand and this is its main advantage.

Hard case

As you can see, this unit is affordable. Nevertheless, it still comes with a hard case. This is rare in this price range and it must be considered as an advantage. The overall quality of the case is above average and you will enjoy the simplicity as long as you use it. We will add the fact that the electric motor has a power output of 3.8 Amps. This makes it the most powerful in the class and it is generally a sufficient power generator for the most applications you have in mind.

Quick Hold

The feature in question is basically a magnetic flange which holds an accessory in place while you are cutting. As such, you can easily replace the blade or add the accessory within seconds. On our tests, we weren’t able to discover another tool with the same advantage so we can say that this one is more than just ‘’clever’’. You will appreciate the feature and you will definitely be more satisfied than ever before. After all, this is a small addition that makes a huge difference. And yes, you saw that the tested model is related with the term quick several times. It means that it comes with simple and functional options.


  • Designed so it can be used with a single hand
  • Hard case is included in the package
  • Quick Hold feature is more than just impressive
  • Attention to details
  • Powerful electric motor 3.8 Amps
  • Variable speed control


  • Expensive blades
  • Sensitive head


All oscillating multi tool reviews by the owners of the tested model are more than just positive. There is a perfectly simple explanation for that. The oscillating tool is easy to use and it is the most affordable of them all. It is the most affordable on our list as well, so it won’t be an issue to purchase it for most of you. On the other hand, you still get 2.5 Amps electric motor and a high-quality tool. It is capable of performing well under pressure and it is a decent alternative for more expensive models. In a nutshell, this is the best, affordable oscillating tool you can have today.

13 available accessories

In the package, you get a single tool, but there are 13 available accessories to choose from which are available on the market. This simply means that you will get an oscillating tool which can be used for more than just cutting and can be used by professionals as well. After all, you will be able to cut, sand and remove old paint, all with this model. Don’t forget that all the accessories will have to be purchased additionally.

6 speed settings

The electric motor is paired with a variable speed control. It offers 6 speeds and range between 10.000 and 20.000 OPMs. There is no need to tell you that this makes the oscillating tool more capable than usual and it can be used for more than just one application. You can choose between delicate and aggressive cutting as well.


  • More than just affordable
  • Easy to use and compact
  • Can be used with 13 additional accessories
  • Variable speed control
  • Variable speed control between 10.000 and 20.000 OPMs


  • Bare tool is included in the package only
  • The slowest speed setting is still too fast for some application
  • Expensive accessories


In the end, all we can say is that the Makita TM3010CX1 is the Best Oscillating Tool money can buy today. It is sophisticated, comes with all the essentials you are going to need and it is a modern version. If you get this model, you will never need another oscillating tool and this one will meet all your requirements. Of course, the price may be an issue for some of you. If this is the case, then we have tested more affordable models which are suitable for professional, semi-professional and beginner-based applications. It is up to you to decide which model is the most suitable for your needs and we even provided you with the factors to consider, so you can choose like a professional. Anyway, the 5, tested models on the list are the absolute leaders in the class and they are considered as the safest choices of them all.

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Updated: November 11, 2021

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