best chainsaw for milling

Best Chainsaw for Milling

Milling or grinding is a process that involves using a chainsaw to remove bits of material from a workpiece. Depending on the material of which the workpiece is made, you may not be able to do the milling work with a light-duty.

Truth be told, milling is one of the most demanding processes performed with the use of a chainsaw. This is why if you have lots of milling projects, your only solution is to buy the very best chainsaw for milling.

In order to help you out making the right decision, we decided to present you with our top 5 picks. So, here are the chainsaws that we believe are the best for milling work!


1. Remington RM4620 Outlaw – High-Performance Gas-Powered Chainsaw

The Outlaw is a high-performance chainsaw that runs on gas and comes equipped with a powerful 46cc engine. Potential customers can also expect a solid 20-inch bar along with a chain that has very low kickback. The Remington RM4620 was designed with longevity in mind and is ideal for storm cleanups or other jobs that require a chainsaw capable of working over long periods. The premium components and die-cast chassis make it a very durable machine while the cushioned handle reduces vibration and offers the user a greater degree of control.

The Remington RM4620 will serve you well for most types of tasks but is particularly useful for prolonged work. The chainsaw’s powerful 46cc engine features a high-quality chrome bore cylinder that extends its lifespan and increases its durability. The combination of a very thick bar and a reliable chain means that no type of wood will be able to withstand the Outlaw. If you’re looking for a chainsaw that combines durability, power, and comfort, Remington RM4620 is a perfect choice.


  • Powerful, thus ideal for different tasks
  • Easy to install and use
  • Durable


  • Same as any other gasoline-powered tool, this chainsaw is a bit smelly


2. DEWALT DCCS690H1 – Brushless Chainsaw Powered by a 6AH Lithium-Ion Battery

DEWALT DCCS690H1 40V 6AH Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw, 16'
260 Reviews
DEWALT DCCS690H1 40V 6AH Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw, 16"
  • Powerful brushless motor, powered with a 40V Lithium 6AH battery
  • Low kick-back 16" Oregon bar and chain, with a chain brake for kick back...
  • Auto-Oiling with Lubrilink and Lubriwell for continuous lubrication
  • Tool free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob for proper bar clamping force

As you probably already gathered by its rather lengthy name, the DCCS690H1 is a chainsaw powered by batteries, which makes it more practical and light than gas-powered models. The chainsaw features a low kickback chain and a 16-inch Oregon bar that offers plenty of cutting surface to work with. Engine life and runtime won’t be a problem thanks to the inherent effectiveness of its brushless motor.

An additional feature comes in the form of the conveniently placed chain brake, which makes the kickback even less of an issue. There’s no need to worry about lubrication with this model as the chainsaw does all the work for you thanks to the LubriWell and LubriLink system. In addition, the DCCS690H1 can also be quickly refilled and comes with features that allow you to adjust the chain and bar for maximum efficiency without needing any extra tools.


  • Super-easy to use
  • Features systems for lubrication
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Not too powerful engine

3. Etuoji Petrol Chainsaw – Affordable Chainsaw with Pretty Decent Performances

Etuoji 2 Stroke 52cc 20inch Saw Blade Petrol Chainsaw Outdoor Garden Yard Use with Tool Kit US Stock
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy and Plastic
  • Ergonomic Design; Anti kick back chain , effective anti-vibration design;...
  • 2 Stroke 52cc 20inch Saw Blade; Petrol operate power;2.0kw large engine power,...
  • Best engine system, Manganese steel guide bar; Super precision air filter, quick...

Here’s a petrol chainsaw with an engine that can produce up to 2.0kw of power, which means that it can make as much as 7500 rounds per minute. Obviously, the engine performance makes Etuoji Petrol Chainsaw deserve a place on our best chainsaw for milling list. But, that’s just one of many amazing things about this product.

The chainsaw is also very easy to use and pretty lightweight. With the weight being only 5.5kg, the users should have no problems handling it. The tool is also very safe to use, not to mention that it can help you tackle all kinds of different projects. The final reason why you ought to seriously consider buying it is that its price is more than affordable.


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful engine
  • Affordable


  • Some users complain that the engine creates a lot of noise and smell


4. Makita XCU02PT – Easy-to-Use Battery-Powered Chainsaw

Makita XCU02PTX1 Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw Kit and Angle Grinder
336 Reviews
Makita XCU02PTX1 Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw Kit and Angle Grinder
  • Makita-built motor delivers 1,650 FPM chain speed for faster cutting
  • Two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries (included) deliver power and performance...
  • Low noise level at only 89 dB(A) and zero emissions for operator comfort
  • 12" guide bar for increased capacity

This particular model runs on two 18V LXT batteries so you’re looking at 36V worth of power, which can get you through even the most difficult tasks. The chainsaw comes complete with a couple of 18V LXT 5Ah batteries. These types of batteries are not only able to charge extremely fast, but the included 18V Dual Port Charger also allows you to charge both of them at once.

The XCU02PT is part of Makita’s 18V Lithium-ion series, which is currently considered the most impressive cordless tool system in the world. The batteries themselves have no real competition when it comes to charge times. Waiting for the batteries to charge won’t be much of an issue if you pick up this chainsaw.

The machine comes equipped with a 12-inch guide bar and a motor capable of delivering 1,650 FPM cutting speeds with fairly low noise levels of only 89 dB(A). Given that it works on batteries, the XCU02PT doesn’t have any emissions and there’s little to worry about in terms of maintenance. No oil changing, fuel draining or air filter cleaning is required. Just remember to recharge the batteries when needed and the chainsaw will always be ready for action.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Low-noise engine


  • Not very powerful


5. Husqvarna 440E – Eco-Friendly Chainsaw with Decent Performances

Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw
70 Reviews
Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw
  • 440E II chainsaw with the new x-cut chain and x-force chainsaw Bar is a...
  • 40. 9cc 16 inch gas chainsaw with guide bar and chain; Idling speed: 2900 rpm
  • 2 cycle engine with inertia activated chain brake for safety while operating
  • Orange Husqvarna chainsaw Bar cover and 2. 6 ounce 2 cycle fuel Included, Bar...

The 440E is a battery-powered chainsaw featuring a 36V Li-ion battery pack that can work for as much as 10 hours when combined with backpack batteries. The chainsaw is very light and comfortable to use as it was designed to reduce stress on the arms, wrists, and shoulders. Getting less tired also means that you will be able to use it for longer periods of time before needing to take a break.

Much like any other battery-powered chainsaw, there are no emissions to worry about and maintenance work usually only revolves around remembering to recharge the batteries. Husqvarna takes price in its ability to minimize environmental damage by creating products that are very efficient and eco-friendly. Not only are you doing yourself a favor by opting for a 440E but you’re also doing the environment a favor.


  • Easy to use
  • Low-noise and a very clean tool


  • Not very powerful


Safety Precautions When Using Chainsaw for Milling

It goes without saying that when you have acquired your chainsaw for milling, you have to be a bit careful because they can be very dangerous when in operation. You will need to wear some protective aids and equipment to make you safe when operating. Some of such aids may include boots, gloves, an apron, and a helmet. Knowing how to use your chainsaw for milling will enable you to avoid most dangers that come when milling. Keep in mind the following:

  1. Don’t be overexcited

This is a simple rule that can keep you very safe during your first experience with the chainsaw for milling. You will be dealing with beams which might be heavy for you to lift. In that case, you will need some assistance. You can also plan on using some lifting machinery if the beams are too heavy.

  1. Protect yourself from the fine dust

Chainsaw milling tends to take longer especially if you are dealing with large beams. It also produces finer dust that you need some nose mask to avoid inhaling it. A helmet is also great for it will protect even your eyes.

There will be lots of vibrations and noise which translates to eardrum damages. That’s why you need some ear muffs to keep away the noise. It is advisable to do your milling in a day when there is some wind and breeze that will carry away the dust.

  1. Support the logs properly

The log you are working on can easily roll and crush resulting in catastrophic happenings. It is advisable you be using sturdy chocks to give enough support to the logs. Always ensure it is raised up from the ground when working on it.

  1. Ensure you use the chainsaw straight edge in all your cuts

This should be remembered particularly when starting and finishing your cuts. Also, be in a clear area where no pets or passersby are around. This will help you to concentrate on milling and avoid some danger.

  1. Ensure your helper is also guarded

Sometimes your chainsaw for milling will stick out on the log on the other side. This is where your co-miller helps you to remove the chain from the position. Ensure they are also in their safety gears when working with you.

Never use a ripping chain in doing any other job except rip cutting in milling. Otherwise, it will harm and injure you.

Final Word of Advice

You can’t go wrong whichever chainsaw from our list you decide to pick. Still, what’s best for one person doesn’t have to be good for another. You need to make your decision according to your own needs and preferences. But, if you have problems finding the one that suits your wishes the best, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to help you out with a friendly advice!


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