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Best Hammer Drill For Those Who Actually Need it

Hammer drills are more popular than ever before, due to a simple reason. They are essential tools in construction and for many hobbyists. If you are planning to redecorate a home all by yourself, keep in mind that this type of a drill will be essential. Here we will help you how to get the Best Hammer Drill.


RPMDrill Capacity
TACKLIFE PID01A28001/2”$
Makita XPH10219001/2"$
DeWalt DW51127005/32
to 3/8"
SKIL 6445-0430001/2"$
Neiko 10506A28001/2"$

Factors to consider

It is a well-known fact that choosing the most suitable hammer drill shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are a lot of features which are essentials and which can make a difference. We say difference because different features make a drill more specific more suitable for different applications. Below you can see the main factors which must be taken into consideration.

  • Power of the electric motor

Obviously, the power of the electric motor can make a huge difference, but it isn’t something you should choose just because you like power. More powerful models are heavier, so they are a bit more complicated to handle. Ideally, you will target a hammer drill with an electric motor of 7-9 Amp. It still offers a lot of power, but it is lightweight and easy to use.

  • Corded or cordless

This factor cannot be genarlize3d, so it depends solely on your needs. Corded hammer drills don’t require batteries nor recharging, but they can be used only where there is electricity. Cordless models can be used literally anywhere you want, but you must recharge batteries frequently. They are usually less capable and developed for minor applications.

  • Depth rod

Yes, it is a small element on your hammer drill, but it has a huge effect. Basically, this rod will help you understand when the drilling bit has reached the desired depth. It is suitable for more accurate drilling operations. In addition, it is very useful when you must complete a delicate operation.

  • Variable speed

This system allows you to choose the desired speed of the drill. It is more than just needed feature due to a simple fact. It allows you to drill different materials and can make a hammer drill more accurate of faster in completing an operation. It also has an important effect when you are changing drilling bits. Some of them can be used only with low speeds, while others require high speed.

  • Removable side handle

You will definitely want this feature, despite the fact it is the simplest of them all. In essence, the handle on the side of a drill will be removed, allowing you to get access to a narrow or tiny area. Luckily almost all hammer drills come with this feature.

  • Accessories

Yes, almost all hammer drills come with accessories or they are compatible with some of them. You should target a model which is extremely compatible with the highest number of accessories. For example, you can replace a drilling bit which a chisel, which allows you to use the drill for different operations.

Best 5 models On the Market 2018

TACKLIFE PID01A Hammer Drill

Here we have the Best Corded Hammer Drill ever. It comes with amazing features and it is made to be a professional model. For example, it comes with a variable speed selector which allows you to adjust the speed between 0 and 2800RPMs. Then, we have a total weight of 4.3 ponds only, which means that the unit in question is lightweight. The electric motor is 6Amp, but it generates 30% more power than equivalent units thanks to the fact it is based on the latest technology.

Other facts you should know include a handle which can be rotated for 360 degrees and removed. It also comes with two different modes which allow you to drill almost any material you want. We must add the fact that the drill is compact, easy to use and has a clever design.


  • Variable speed
  • 360-degree handle
  • Dual drilling modes
  • Lightweight
  • Modern design


  • Vibrations
  • Lack of accessories

Makita XPH102 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2″ Hammer Driver-Drill Kit (3.0Ah)

This is cordless hammer drill which comes with all essentials you are going to need. The electric motor is a masterpiece and it comes with two different speed settings. The drill is a professional model, thanks to the XPT system. In essence, this system is all-new and it should protect the drill from water and dust when it is used in rough locations. The system is specifically optimized to protect the sensitive elements of a drill and to prolong its lifespan.

The power of a drill is 3Ah, which is sufficient for most applications. However, we liked the fact the unit is only 3.9 pounds heavy. This made it one of the lightest units on the market. Still, it comes with a case, additional elements and with a battery. Now you can understand why this is the best-selling model on the market at the moment.


  • Very lightweight
  • XPT system is outstanding
  • Comes with a case
  • Overall quality
  • LED light


  • Only two speeds
  • Electric motor should have more power

DeWalt DW511 1/2″ (13mm) 7.8 Amp VSR Hammerdrill

DeWalt DW511 is a unit that has it all, but nothing more. For example, it has an extraordinary electric motor with a power of 7.8Amp and 46.000BPM. Variable speed adjuster is available as well, so is the overload protection. This unit features a depth rod as well.

In a nutshell, you will get an affordable model which is made by one of the best brands in the business. We liked the overall quality, the simplicity and the side handle that can be rotated or removed. This model will meet most of your requirements.




  • Adjustable speed
  • Depth Rod
  • Overload protection
  • Powerful electric motor


  • Some elements are made from cheap materials
  • Poor accessories choice

SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp 1/2 In. Hammer Drill

This is another affordable model with an electric motor of 7 amp, which is treated as a sufficient amount of power. But, the main advantage of the unit is the fact it is compatible with many different accessories, so using this hammer drill is a real pleasure.

Additional features include a depth rod, adjustable handle, and variable speed adjuster. Of course, keep in mind that this is an affordable model of a high quality, so it isn’t strange why it is so popular at the moment.



  • Value for money
  • Electric motor
  • Accessories
  • Depth rod


  • Chuck key
  • Low RPM

Neiko 10506A 1/2″ Reversible Hammer Drill, 4.2 Amps | Metal, Wood, Masonry | Variable Speed

If you are looking for the most affordable hammer drill, which still has plenty to offer you are going to like this unit. It comes with a 4.2Amp electric motor, variable speed system and a decent quality. Of course, don’t expect too much of it.

Basically, it is a decent model overall, which can be used for drilling different materials, it is going to last and it is compatible with a decent number of accessories. We liked the design which makes it easy to use and a high level of grip.





  • Price
  • Variable speed
  • Design
  • Grip


  • Underpowered electric motor
  • Lack of depth rod


The Best Hammer Drill must meet all your requirements. All the models we have here are suitable for professionals or for those who need a cheap alternative. Each unit is based on the latest technology and it offers above the average quality, so you will be able to use it for a long period of time. Now is your turn to choose the one you like the most.


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