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Everlast Welders Review - Buying Guide and Important Factors January 18, 2022

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Welding devices or welders are among the most reliable machines at construction sites, automobile factories, and manufacturing units. This is because they help in joining the different metal parts for forming the shape of the end product.

However, only the welders of best brands help in this task in the most efficient way. The meaning of term ‘best’ here is gauged by the brand’s increasing popularity, improved quality, sustained durability, and enhanced customer service.

Well, one such brand currently is Everlast. As the name says, the growing popularity at present is likely to make its welders last forever in the market.

People who look for welders online do not forget to search for Everlast welders review. Those who love an all-in-one approach are getting attracted to 2017 Everlast PowerMTS 251Si Pulse 110v/220v multi-process welder.

Why You Need an Everlast Welder

Everlast welders are available almost everywhere, right from local hardware stores to retail chains. The main reasons behind its increasing popularity are its affordability and matchless capabilities not found even in Us-manufactured models.

Everlast is known for its affordable welders with which you can hone or improve your welding skills, make some quick home repairs, and take up a few weekend projects. If you are in search of a welder that will not disturb your budget, analyzing the Everlast welder reviews is wise.

It is a fact that the features or capabilities of these welders are unique. There is no single US-based welder that seems to have all of these in its design. In other words, the brand is offering some of the top-rated models.

Another selling point to consider is durability. Look for any Everlast TIG welder, Everlast MIG welder, or Everlast Stick welder, or Everlast Arc welder review, durability will be highlighted as the pro for most models. The secret is its collection of diverse heavy-duty models of various capacities.

The brand offers welders that work with both AC and DC power sources, which makes them versatile. This is truly essential for power source flexibility. Thus, you can easily get dual voltage models at impressive rates.

However, it is also a fact that Everlast offers even upscale or high-end welding machines. So, it is upon your budget that tells you how much max you can spend on a welder.

Everlast is also admirable for its warranty, money back assurance, easy return policy, same day dispatch, and simple user guide. It is also one of the trusted online makers and distributors of a novel collection of technically advanced and energy efficient models.

This is not surprising, as the brand has been in this field since 2004. It actually started its service as an online-only welder manufacturer. It has a lean model for operations that include branded parts and offshore manufacturing. This has resulted in less overhead for the green models that are now affordable international models.

Everlast is one of those rare brands that has extended its wings to offer diverse peripherals that are used with their welders such as inverters. So, you can expect to buy the whole welding set including gloves and helmets too.

As investing in a welder means spending significantly, it is recommended reading a few Everlast welders reviews to choose a model on the decided budget. Whether you need an Arc, stick, TIG, MIG, or plasma model, there is one by Everlast that can be your choice. You only need to find it through a fair Everlast welder review.

Everlast Welder Buying Guide

Well, there is no single welder that is best for all! In simple words, if one welding machine is best for your neighbor or competitor, it may not be necessarily the best for you. Well, the main reason is the difference in the purpose or requirements for which you need a welding machine.

Thus, the biggest factor to consider is the set of requirements. These requirements should state the purpose, the type of project, the metal to be welded, the budget, the level of power efficiency, voltage support, and so on.

When you map these requirements with the features/specifications, you truly get the best welding machine. Such a device is a long-term investment and you get what you pay for.

For the beginners, this can be a bit overwhelming. However, it is critical to choose the right Everlast welder to save both money and headaches in the long run. After all, nobody will like to have a welder that malfunctions in the middle of a task.

Even if you are a beginner, it is easy for you to choose the right welder by considering the following factors, once you have identified your requirements:

  • Type of Metal to Be Welded: Each welding task involves some metals or a specific metal. Thus, it is essential to know the metal on which the welder will be used. This can easily make you choose the right welding method. Following are the metals and its corresponding welding processes:
    • Steel/Stainless Steel: MIG/TIG/Stick
    • Cast Iron: Stick
    • Aluminum Alloys: MIG/TIG
    • Copper, Brass, Chromoly: TIG
    • Exotic Metals Such as Titanium and Magnesium: TIG

Following are the recommended welding processes as per the thickness of metals:

  • Thicker and Dusty/Rusty: Stick, Flux-cored for position welding
  • Thin: MIG
  • Finer and Exotic: TIG
  • Material Thickness: This can be done once you know about the welding projects and materials you will mostly weld. The project can be anything: Sculpting metals for sculptures, fabricating a motorcycle, repairing a farm tool, or fixing an old car component. Below are the common welding projects and the thickness in inches of metals involved in them. This will give a clear idea of how thick or thin the involved metal can be.
    • Automobile body: 3/16 max
    • Cars, Motorcycles, Utility Trailers, and Boats: 1/16 to 1/8
    • Fences and Frames of Trailer: 1/4 to 5/16
    • Thick Structural Parts: 3/8+
    • Bicycles and Lawnmowers: 1/16
    • Normal to Heavy Fixing: 3/16 to 1/4
  • Welding Process: You need to select a welder as per the welding work. The most commonly asked question by the buyers is which welding process is suitable for them. Well, there is no right reply for this query in most cases. Nowadays, many people recognize the need for stick, MIG, and TIG welding in their shop. The good news is that Everlast is offering its MIG/TIG/Stick (MTS) collection in which all models are capable of rendering these three welding methods without any compromise due to the latest inverter technology. At times, some people simply choose one such model just because of money-saving tendency. However, it should not be so. The latest models come with the TIG’s foot pedal, MIG’s spool gun, and more amperage up to 200 and 250 amps although the sizes differ.
  • Workplace: This is perhaps the most ignored factor but this ignorance cannot deny its importance. Practically, the environment in which you work can factor in significantly while choosing a welding machine. For instance, if the working place is outdoors or in breezy corners, a MIG welder is not a reliable option, as the airy components can blow the guarding gas from the pool, resulting in a porous joint. In such cases, stick welding is ideal.
  • Power Source: This is essential for you to know. Will you be running a welder using a 110v outlet? Or you need a dual voltage support as you may work with both? Depending on this requirement, you will be purchasing a welder that is compatible with the socket you will be using. Regardless of the power source in use, you will get a great working Everlast welder.
  • Portability: Prior to the advent of the inverter technology, welders were so heavy that it was a challenging task to take them to the workplace in different situations. The TIG welders are supposedly the heaviest of all welders with a weight over 100 lbs. While stick welders have a weight of minimum 100 lbs., small Everlast MIG welder machines are of 70 lbs. at least. Now, moving them with hands in a shop is likely to induce lower back pain. So, if portability is what you are looking for, go for inverter-based models.
  • Size: Welders are available in different sizes due to which it becomes a bit tough to know which one is the most suitable. To choose the right size, you need to know your role: DIYer or a professional? For a DIYer, in most cases, a small size is a perfect fit. It is recommended to look for a standard size in case you wish to use a welder for a myriad of purposes.
  • Welding Output and Duty Cycle: A welder’s output is usually in terms of rated duty, volts, and amps. The duty cycle refers to the duration the machine may run at a specific output without a hike in the temperature of its parts. It is always gauged on a scale of a 10-minute cycle. For instance, a welder may have 20% duty cycle while performing MIG at 23v or 180 amps. It means that at this output, the welding will happen incessantly for two minutes after which cooling is essential for the rest eight minutes. It is vital to note that when the welding output is lower, the duty cycle is more and vice-versa. Further, do remember that the duty cycle is gauged at a particular ambient temperature. While some makers use the industry standard of 104 degrees F, other go for 86 degrees F.

For a light fixing task involving aluminum from sheet or steel having a thickness of 3/16 inches, a 130-amp welder with a duty cycle of 20 or 30% for MIG or TIG is a versatile choice.

In case of fabrication or heavy tasks, 40% duty cycle at least 200 amps while performing a MIG or TIG is required. You need adequate amperage for good penetration of the initial pass, as it is impossible to cope up with a bad first pass by improving the subsequent ones.

How to Maintain an Everlast Welder

After acquiring the machine the next thing to keep it in perfect condition and running for long is to maintain it. Proper maintenance of your welder will ensure that it performs the expected functions and definitely enable you to get the value for your money. Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Covering it when not in use

Whenever you are done with using it is always advisable to cover it. This will not only keep it clean and free from rust, but will make it look newer even after being used for years. This should also be done to the other accessories that are used along with it. Having a protective shield is a good investment that can cover the machine appropriately.

  1. Cleaning the welder

As long as you want better welding results, you need to clean your Everlast welder and other accessories periodically. Whether you are using it or not, the machine should always be clean. Ensure you remove all the dirt after every use before storing it. Removing the dust and dirt from the machine may save you some bucks which perhaps could be used in doing repairs and replacement of the accessories.

  1. Check your connections properly

Connecting the welder in the wrong fuse has caused many welders to blow up. As a responsible person, ensure you don’t have any short circuit problem. Ensure that the AMP and the voltages are well set before turning on your machine.

Every Everlast welder has its recommended voltage so you should keep to that. Besides, check your feeder connections. In case your driver roll is worn out, replace it before starting your welding else there will be connection defects.

  1. Ensure your driver roll is well-adjusted

Make sure it is not too tight or too lose. This avoids some problems from happening while operating your machine. Always check the driver roll’s pressure to ensure that it is not so high. If so high, it might end up crushing the wire. It is advisable you blow the liner out to remove anything before feeding it.

  1. Ensure the gun nozzle is clean

Regular cleaning of the gun nozzle is one important practice that you should always remember. Sometimes spatter fills the nozzle as the welding is going on and it is your responsibility to regularly clean it to remove such dirt.

One routine practice that you will need to keep your Everlast welder functioning is cleaning it. Every single part of it need to be cleaned including the ground, diffuser screw, handle and trigger among others.

The best Everlast welder for you will be the one that shall allow completing each task with least restrictions. So, the most popular welder or the costliest welder is not always the best for you in each situation.

Similarly, the cheapest welder also is not suitable for every welding task and fails to give you the worth of your money if you buy it out of greed. So, the best one has to be the one that gets your job done even in the long run.

Popular Everlast Welders Reviews

Everlast PowerMTS 251Si Pulse 250amp Multi Process Welder

This is a digitally controlled, spool-gun ready inverter welder that proves itself to be versatile. This is because it performs MIG, TIG and Stick at DC along with Synergic and Pulse MIG and Pulse TIG welding. You will not find the mix of pulses in any model of other makers. This is the beauty of this model.

Another unique aspect of this model is that allows you to select from a lift start or a touchless, high frequency start in TIG phase. In the Stick welding phase, the mode is stunningly adjustable with its hot start controls.

It has the MIG and Stick torch, regulator, cables, and a TIG collection holding a foot pedal, torch, and consumables kit without tungsten. Well, this is a bonus for a keen user, as now only tungsten, welding rods, shielding gas, and wire are required.

Coming to the usability aspect, the menus and controls are easy to navigate and that there are no complex, hidden, or touch screens. All settings along with burn back are on the face and are classified as per the function, which is an arrangement that is easy to comprehend. Even the connections are on the front.


  • DC TIG, DC Stick, MIG
  • Adjustable MIG/Stick arc force
  • 120/240V dual voltage
  • HF and lift start for TIG
  • TIG Foot pedal
  • Hot start
  • Fast connect 25 Series MIG gun
  • 35% duty cycle @ 250 Amps
  • 030"-.045" wire diameter


  • Compact
  • Highly versatile to include even heavy-duty jobs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Good torches and pedal
  • Saving energy up to 9 programs
  • Good consumables
  • More warranty period than usual


  • No consumables for MIG


Consider this machine if you are starting to learn DC TIG welding on steel and aluminum with a portable machine. However, it is important for you to have a bit experience of welding.

You can consider it for daily chores and repair tasks. The unique feature of this machine is its regulatory settings for diverse TIG and Stick welding that eliminate the risk of a flaw in learning the technique.

First, it comes with a dial for noticeably variable power control. Instead of coming with a few prearranged settings to regulate the power, it allows fine-tuning the power to have exactly the right arc. Further, the post flow regulator with argon arc regulates the power as well as the weld quality.

Second, the IGBT inverter technology ensures a stable arc. With auto adaptive arc force as well as hot start, the overall control is ideal for using the machine with 1/8-inch electrodes.


  • DC TIG, DC Stick with integrated valve
  • Analog inverter
  • TIG Foot pedal
  • 120/240V dual voltage
  • Gas solenoid for gas flow control (auto)
  • Hot start
  • HF start
  • Lift TIG arc start
  • 35% Duty Cycle @ 160 Amps


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Superb digital display for accurate cuts
  • Energy efficient
  • Reliable smooth arc and flow regulators
  • Auto arc control and hot start


  • Low quality stinger and hose

Everlast PowerMIG 200 200amp MIG Stick Spool Gun Ready Welder

With several uses at different welding shops and sites, this welder is known for its power and versatility. The new digital inverter design makes it lightweight but still carries more features than other Everlast MIG welder machines in its category.

Stick welding adds to its versatility when a MIG performance is impractical or is not required. In the MIG phase, you are ensured of good penetration, bead contour, and puddle variability due to controllable rise time. On the other hand, in the Stick phase, the arc force control serves the purpose of DIG control and enhances performance when a short arc is required.

The fact that this welder begins the gas before engaging the power and retains the shielding gas for some seconds post welding is just commendable. These are not found on cheaper machines.


  • MIG, Stick (DC only)
  • 120/240V dual voltage
  • Digital inverter
  • Variable MIG/Stick arc force control
  • Eurostyle quick coupler
  • .023”-.030” wire
  • 2 drive rollers
  • Optional flux core welding
  • Auto preflow and postflow control for better quality


  • Portable
  • Fast operation
  • Cool digital controls
  • Greater weld and puddle control than expected
  • Ease of setup
  • Smoother arc than expected
  • Quick changeover of Eurostyle gun


  • Analog knobs
  • A bit sloppy spool

Everlast PowerTIG 200DV 200amp Pulse AC/DC Welder

This is a feature-rich welding machine considering the price at which it is available. Right from color-coded controls to arc control, there is no feature that is likely to displease you. Perhaps, this is because it is the latest model in the collection of analog inverter TIG welders.

With dual voltage and digital inverter technology, the performance is dynamic and the functionality is versatile. You can expect a nice arc even on the go and the type 26 torch and super flex cable are just reliable. The clean-power certified unit by the maker is usable with any generator that 3500 watts.


  • Stick DC only
  • 120/240V dual voltage
  • 60% duty cycle @ 200 Amps
  • Digital inverter
  • Hot start
  • HF and lift start
  • Adjustable arc force control
  • TIG start @ 20 Amp in AC and 5 Amp in DC
  • Preflow and Postflow control
  • Pulse frequency
  • 240V fitting at rear for water cooler


  • Portable
  • Feature rich
  • Big torch with protective cover
  • Great arc control in both DC and AC
  • Super smooth arc
  • User-friendly controls


  • No memory

2017 Everlast SuperUltra 206si 200a TIG Stick 50a Plasma Cutter Multi-process Welder

Consider this Everlast multi-process welder if you intend to make light steel and stainless repairs. It can deal with occasional plasma cutting and welding tasks at home or garage. You can even consider it as a desirable upgrade.

It is truly a reliable powerhouse for three different processes. It provides 200 amps of TIG, 160 amps of Stick, and 50 amps of plasma power.

The inverter design with these diverse outputs ensures streamlined performance for those who are on a budget. A novel control system working digitally makes this welder a more reliable unit than the normal models in its category.

The Everlast SuperUltra 206Si is truly for utility purpose. It is appealing to both professionals and hobbyists who need welding and cutting reliability in one welding machine.


  • DC TIG with HF
  • HF Plasma cutter arc
  • Pilot arc
  • MOFSET digital inverter
  • 120/240V dual voltage
  • 60% duty cycle @ 160 Amps (TIG)
  • 60% duty cycle @ 130 Amps (Stick)
  • 60% duty cycle @ 40 Amps (Plasma)
  • Adaptive arc force control (auto)


  • Portable
  • Simple features
  • Easy to use
  • Quick torch change
  • Ideal for light jobs
  • Protective features


  • Only 1-year warranty


As per Everlast welder reviews, there are many good models in the MTS, AC/DC, and plasma/TIG categories. However, the best is the one that does what you want at your own set budget.

So, although there is a multiple discipline approach from Everlast when it comes to making welders, some models do surpass others. This is always in terms of versatility.

One such model is Everlast PowerMTS 251Si pulse 250amp welder that seems to be comprehensively versatile. There is no lack of performance in any way and from any angle, no matter which process you are using.

Further, even the warranty years are supposedly the highest of all other welders. This is why it deserves a rating of 5 stars. Still, it is wise to go for it only if you wish to hone all three skills. Otherwise, just a specialty welder is good enough!

If you are looking for a cheaper and best welder for beginners option please read our other post.

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