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Best Gas Can Reviews – Buying Guide and Important Factors To Know

A gas can is definitely a simple item that is designed for one purpose only, to store gasoline. But, they are far more important than you may believe. First of all, they are practical and they can help you a big time. For most people, an empty fuel tank on a car will occur at some point in their life. You can understand that a gas can is a lifesaver when that occurs. Of course, here we will be focused on the Best Gas Can. Be free to enjoy our buyer’s guide and the reviews of the most popular models at the moment.

Why Gas Cans Are Essential To Have?

For some of you, a gas can will be a waste of money, but it is a common mistake, nothing more. Think like this. Without a gas can, where you will put gasoline and how you will transport it? Yes, transporting it in ordinary cans and bottles is an alternative, but not a smart one. First of all, gasoline can damage the soft plastic of those cans and leak will occur. Even if that doesn’t happen, gasoline isn’t a safe thing to store! It is extremely flammable and when compressed, it may explode. Still, believe that an ordinary can is a smart way to keep gasoline in?

Then we have pouring complications. Ordinary cans are not designed for pouring gas, so it will drip on your car, your hands and the floor. Gas cans are specifically designed for this application only, so they won’t allow for the gas to drip when poured to the vehicle.

Let’s take an example. You have an ordinary can and you have petrol in it. Now, your car just runs out of gas and you want to pour the reserve you had in the gas tank. Soon you will realize that this is impossible. A can doesn’t have a spout which allows for you to pour it in the gas tank.

In essence, gas cans are the only and the safest way to transport gasoline. They are extremely durable and they can be used for decades. This is a one-time purchase and extremely mandatory. These cans can help you big time, can save you time and will have a positive effect on your safety. In other words, it is a mandatory item to have, if you have a vehicle or even a lawnmower.

Keep in mind that in some states and countries, transporting gas is only possible and allowed by a gas can! As such, you can truly understand how essential and important they are.

Factors To Consider When Looking For A New Gas Can

As we all know gas cans are simple items, yet there are a few factors which must be taken into consideration. Of course, it is simple to understand them and you will need a couple of minutes in order to find the most suitable model for you. Anyway, let’s see the main factors to consider.

Plastic or metal

If you have been looking for a gas can, you noticed that there are two types in general. Plastic and metal ones. Which is better? It actually depends on your preference and the application. It is also important to add that each type has pros and cons.

Plastic models are cheaper and they are lighter to carry. They can come in a variety of sizes and shapes and they can be recycled. They won’t rust either. In a case of a fire, they will melt, so believe or not, they are a safer alternative. However, they are not designed to keep gas for a long period of time.

Metal cans are heavier and more durable, but in a case of a fire, they will build pressure and they will explode! On the other hand, they are perfect for keeping petrol for a longer period of time.

It is up to you to decide which material you want. Try to remember that your budget will affect the decision as well.


There is no need to explain this factor. How much of fuel are you planning to carry? If you are looking for a gas can which will be used for transporting fuel used by a lawn mower, you will generally need a smaller can. If you are looking for a model which will carry fuel reserve in a case you run out of it, a bigger one is more preferable. The best 5 gallon gas can be the most common choice. It is also the perfect combination of the size, weight, and capacity.


Almost all gas cans come with a spout, but there are some models that doesn’t. It is an essential element and it is a must-have feature. A spout will allow for you to pour gasoline in a gas tank of a car, motorcycle, boat or even a lawnmower. Look for flexible ones, which are the most appealing and the simplest to use. We should point out that the funnel size is an important sub-factor as well. Smaller vehicles require smaller funnels, while bigger ones require much larger funnels, obviously.

Air breather

This is nothing more than a small hole in the gas can. Obviously, it is located on the upper part of a can. It allows for the air to get inside the can and makes gasoline pouring much quicker. Look at the models that come with air breathers which allow for the air to get in, but don’t allow for the gasoline to get out.


It isn’t the most important factor, but it is still a factor. It makes a gas can much easier and far more convenient than the ones without the measurement. You will know at any given moment, how much gasoline you have in the can and how much you have poured in a car or another vehicle.

Heavy-duty gas cans

This is a separate sub-factor. Heavy-duty gas cans are made of metal and they have reinforcements. They are used mostly by off-road vehicles and they can be related to the army gas cans you were able to see on tanks and jeeps. In addition, these gas cans are more unique and will be the main choice only for specific users.

Top 5 Gas Cans

No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can

No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can
2,686 Reviews
No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can
  • Thumb button control for precise pouring
  • 7/8-inch funnel spout fills even the smallest equipment
  • Attached dust cover keeps your spout clean
  • Integrated 20 mesh stainless steel screen

This is more than a gas can. The tested model has been the best-selling unit on the market for a long period of time. The main reason is very simple. It has it all. First of all, it is a well-made gas can which is actually made of poly material rather than of conventional plastics. This makes it more durable and stronger. Then we have a measurement which is a nice addition. But, the most impressive fact is the warranty. It is actually 3 years, which is simply stunning. In addition, there are a few advanced features which deserve to be mentioned.

Thumb button control

One of the main, additional reasons why we rated this gas can so high is the thumb control. While pouring gasoline, you will have precise and accurate control over the flow. This makes it almost one of a kind and it allows for you to pour a specific amount of fuel at any given moment. Yes, the mentioned feature is easy to use and there is no need to read the instruction manual. All is explained on the can itself.

Spout dust cover

It may be a simple addition, but it is an important one. A spout is paired with a dust cover which makes it immune to dust. We all know that when a gas can isn’t used for a longer period of time, dust will be present on the spout. That dust will get into the fuel tank and later in the engine. As such, engine damage is possible. Luckily in this case scenario, the dust won’t be a problem.


  • Thumb flow control
  • Measurements
  • Dust cover for the spout
  • Made of poly material
  • 3-year warranty


  • Smaller capacity
  • Lack of side handle


Atlantic British LTD Wavian 20 Liter (5 Gallon) NATO Jerry Can

VALPRO 20 Liter (5 Gallon) Olive Green Drab Authentic NATO Jerry Can with Flexible Spout
70 Reviews
VALPRO 20 Liter (5 Gallon) Olive Green Drab Authentic NATO Jerry Can with Flexible Spout
  • With over 10,000 cans sold, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are...
  • Rugged Durable Design: These cans are built to last with a high-grade steel body...
  • Secure Quick Release Lid: The tight bayonet closure seals the lid tight every...
  • Ultra Fast Pouring: Every can has a unique air breather that allows you to empty...

These 5 gallon gas cans are simply the best if you are looking for a heavy-duty model. They are specifically made to provide a high level of safety, even better practicality and in general to meet all your requirements. They are more than just popular at the moment as well. Keep in mind that the same cans are used by NATO! All of this means that you will get the best model made of steel and reinforced.

Quick release lid

The lid you can see uses the latest and the safest technology available. It is a quick release module, meaning that you can open it in a few seconds. On the other hand, once closed, it will stay permanently closed and accidental opening won’t be possible. The fuel will stay safe regardless of the fact where you are at the moment or on what terrain you drive a vehicle.

Fast pouring

The tested model also offers an air breather of the modern generation. What this means is that the fast pouring is possible at any given moment. The can will get plenty of air during the process, so you can complete a task in less time than usual. We believe that this addition is the best in the class and definitely deserves your attention. At least it was important for us.


  • Made of high-quality steel and reinforced
  • Can withstand all kinds of use
  • Air breather
  • Quick release lid is impressive
  • Decent capacity


  • More for heavy-duty than for regular use
  • Possible rust issues after a long period of use


Justrite 7250130 Galvanized Steel, AccuFlow Type II

Justrite 7250130 Galvanized Steel, AccuFlow Type II Red Safety Can with 1' Flexible Spout, Large ID...
1,096 Reviews
Justrite 7250130 Galvanized Steel, AccuFlow Type II Red Safety Can with 1" Flexible Spout, Large ID...
  • Color coding avoids accidents
  • Stainless steel flame arrester prevents flashback ignition
  • Easy-to-use Safe-Squeeze trigger for controlled pouring
  • Two-openings; one for targeted pouring, one with ergonomically designed...

This metal gas can is another, advanced and heavy-duty model on our list. The main difference compared to similar models is the presence of the superior features and the main material which has been used in the manufacturing process. Keep in mind that the can in question is made to be used with kerosene, gasoline, mixtures and any other fuel type. It will guarantee your safety and will generally be more convenient than other models. In addition, it also comes with a spot for labeling, so a user doesn’t make a mistake.

Made of galvanized steel

What this means is that the tested model is more durable and safer than similar unit made by rivals. This type of steel is resistant to corrosion and it can make a huge difference in general. Besides all of this, we liked this type of steel due to the fact it is more resistant to possible damages.

Self-closing lid

The lid we have here is self-closing and it will automatically control the vaporing and the fumes. It is an advanced unit which deserves your full attention. We should point out that the tested model came with a great and easy to use filler module as well. There is no need in adding that this also controls the spills and make the entire unit more convenient. At the end of a day, you will appreciate these features and you will be glad that you have an advanced or better said superior gas can.


  • Self-closing lid
  • Easy to control the flow
  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Easy to carry
  • Can be used for different types of fuel


  • Expensive
  • Heavy


Wavian USA JC0020RVS Red Authentic NATO Jerry Fuel Can

Wavian USA JC0020RVS Red Authentic NATO Jerry Fuel Can and Spout System (20 Liter)
244 Reviews
Wavian USA JC0020RVS Red Authentic NATO Jerry Fuel Can and Spout System (20 Liter)
  • The Only Military Grade Rust Proof Steel EPA and CARB Compliant Jerry Can on the...
  • Highest spec steel jerry can in the world
  • Bayonet style quick release nozzle
  • Legal for sale in all of North America

You will appreciate the gas can we have here. It is a heavy-duty model which is capable of meeting the toughest requirements. It also comes in red and green color, so you can get a version which suits you the best. We liked the specifications, which are high-end. Then we have a quick release lid and superior pouring speed, compared to similar models. All of this means that you will get a perfect gas can.

High spec steel

The main material is a special type of steel, which is stronger than conventional material and which is rustproof. It makes the can stronger and almost immune to the damages, scratches and obviously corrosion. In other words, this simply may be the best metal gas can. There is no need to look after the can because it can’t be damaged when used normally.

Legal to purchase

Some NATO gas cans are not allowed to be sold, so you will want to avoid them. The tested model is designed and made in Europe and it is allowed to be used in the whole world. As a matter of fact, we know that it is allowed in the United States and Canada. The 5 gallon metal gas can in question doesn’t require any, special requirements, papers or anything like that. All you have to do is to purchase it and you can use it.


  • Rustproof steel has been used
  • Legal to purchase and use across the planet
  • Easy to use
  • Strong and durable
  • Impressive spout


  • Heavy
  • Green model doesn’t look so desirable


Briggs & Stratton 85053 5-Gallon Gas Can Auto Shut-Off

Briggs & Stratton 85053 5-Gallon Gas Can Auto Shut-Off
1,239 Reviews
Briggs & Stratton 85053 5-Gallon Gas Can Auto Shut-Off
  • 5 gallons of volume is perfect for medium to large size gas powered equipment
  • Smart-Fill Spout with Twist-Anchor-Push operation keeps fuel and fumes contained
  • Illustrated instructions on container as well as link to online video...
  • EPA and CARB Compliant design. Available in all 50 states

The last model on our list is also one of the best gas cans of 2020. It is simple to use, it comes in several, different packages and it is an advanced model, which we liked. In essence, you will get a high-end model that can be used for anything you want and for any type of fuel. The tested version had a capacity of 5 gallons, but there are other versions available in different packaging options.

Twist-Anchor-Push operation

The feature in question refers to the control of the fumes and fuel. What this means is that when pouring fuel, you can precisely control the amount you want to pour. Then we can see that the fumes will be kept under control at all times, meaning that there won’t be a pressure present inside a can. This has a positive effect on overall safety.

The dust cap is included

With the gas can you also get a cap which will keep dust and debris away from your fuel at all times. This is a small, yet incredibly important feature which makes a huge difference. The cap is well made and it will last as long as the can actually.


  • Simple and practical gas can
  • Available in different versions
  • Cap which keeps dust away from the fuel
  • Smart-fill spout
  • Useful labeling and instructions


  • Some versions are expensive
  • Attention to details


Traits of a Great Gas Can

Although a gas can may be seen as a simple container that is not so important, the real need arises when you are finding for a place to put your gasoline. It has proven to be very important to many people and you should have it either in your car or workshop if you are using petrol or other fuels.

As usual, there are counterfeit gas cans in the market that’s why we have this buyer’s guide for you. You have known some of the factors to check out for before making your purchase decision and the best gas cans to consider. Besides, a great gas can will bear the following features:

  1. It has a flexible spout

The spout is an essential part of a gas can that your choice should have. Although there are some models that lack this feature, the ones we have listed here as the best have. There are different sizes of gasoline tanks from that of a lawnmower, to the one of a motorcycle and car. That’s why having a flexible spout will make it easier for you to empty the content in any tank.

  1. It has a great design

Although this may not necessarily refer to the outward appearance of the can, it is an important trait that refers to the features of the gas can. One important feature design is the air breather for ventilation purposes. You should look for a gas can that ensures that gasoline is aerated otherwise it might explode when it is hot.

  1. It is sturdy and durable

Depending on the material that is used in making the can, the strength of it to resist pressure and shock is a great factor. Although many are made of plastic and light metal, you should consider some heavy-duty gas cans that will last longer than you. Every great gas can will always last longer.

  1. It is need-specific

This will definitely refer to all the features that make the gas can meet your needs. It combines the size, weight, and perhaps its capacity. A great gas can will suit your needs. This may also refer to the color that you are going to take. Gas cans come in various colors that you can choose from depending on your taste and preference.

  1. It is warrantied

Avery manufacturer that is serious with their product will give you a warranty of at least one year. This will give a sense of confidence that their products are okay. Go for gas cans that have a warranty.


The last part we have is to tell you which the model is the best choice. For us and for most of you it will be the No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can. This gas can has it all and it is probably the most sophisticated of them all. If we add that it is affordable as well, you can understand why we have recommended this model specifically. Of course, other gas cans are decent and worthy of your consideration and each one may be the best gas can for your specific needs. We are also inviting you to read our best chainsaw reviews.

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