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Best Tile Saw: Buyers Guide And Tile Saw Reviews 2020

Even the best tile saw is a very simple power tool. It is designed and made to cut tile only and that’s it. These saws are probably the simplest of them all, but they operate in an interesting way. They will grind the tile in order to allow for you to get the desired task. To do so, they use diamond coated blades. And no, you cannot put this blade on a regular saw and cut tiles. In addition, tile saws use water to cool down the surface while grinding, so they also capture most of the dust generated while grinding.

Ultimate Guide for Finding the Ultimate Tile Saw

You are still looking for the best tile saw and the best tile saw blade? Below we will guide you through the entire process of selection. After all, we did it with the 5 models we tested, but now you will be able to understand how and why we rated them on this way. Additionally, we will reveal some of the main and least-important factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best tile saw, so you will be ready to choose the model that is just right for your applications.

Try to remember that tile saws are not simple tools. They are specific power tools designed and made for just one type of operations. This means that there are a lot of factors to look at and you will have to pay a close attention to all of them if you want to get the most appealing model.

Cutting capacity

Of them all, cutting capacity is the most important factor to consider. As you may believe, bigger is always better in this case. This factor refers to the ability to cut larger tiles. We have 7, 8 and higher inch values. Ideally, you would choose a tile saw that can meet all your requirements. In other words, if you cut only 7-inch tiles, there is no need to purchase a model that can cut up to 10-inch times.

How accurate is a tile saw?

With tiles, accuracy is a must. They are expensive and fragile, so ‘’adjustments’’ are not an option. You always should look for a tile saw that can provide the best and the smoothest cuts without making a lot of waste. Additionally, you want a unit that can be easily adjusted so it cuts precisely as you want or need. Luckily, all models we tested are very accurate so they can be used even by the most demanding users without an issue.


Versatility refers to the ability to cut different materials. If you read our reviews below, you  will see that some tile saws can cut through tiles and bricks. The best commercial tile saw will always provide a high level of versatility, allowing you to cut through any material or almost any you want. We will recommend you to look for tile saws that can cut through different materials. Pay a close attention to the cutting depth. The more, the merrier. Important: Those that are designed to cut tiles only will have a low cutting depth.

Power of the electric motor

You may think that a higher power is always a better option, and you are partially right, but in this case scenario, a situation is slightly different. Yes, power is essential, but it is more important if you are looking for a tile saw that can cut through different materials. In those situations, you definitely want more power. But, a unit with 1.2HP will be more than just sufficient to meet all your requirements. 1.5HP units are more professional and more expensive.

Keep in mind that thermal overload protection is a must. This is a safety feature that will turn off the motor if it overheats. It can be a real money saver and help you use a tile saw longer than ever before. Units without this feature should be avoided.

Bevel capacity

A bevel capacity is the same as with all other saws. In essence, it is used to tilt the table to one side, so a saw can perform more specific cuts. Look for 0-45 degree bevel capacity, simply due to the fact it is the best alternative. Other bevel capacities are not ideal and chances are high that you are going to need to use another tile saw, which is annoying. Of course, this is a unique feature which may be needed for professionals or you only. Other users may need straight cuts only, therefore bevel capacity is irrelevant.

Blade size

Blade size is the next main factor to consider. Here we can see a lot of differences and a lot of possibilities. In general, a bigger bade will cut better, for a longer period of time and it can be used for different materials. Usually, tile saws use just one blade capacity, but there are some models that can use two sizes.

An even more important thing to remember is that the diamond coated blade is a must. When it comes to cutting tiles, you definitely ant smooth edges and you need a diamond coated blade for that. A poor-quality blade is no good either. It will make the edges rough like they were broken, so it has a negative effect on the entire task.

Water source

All of these saws use a water source in order to keep the dust and debris eliminated or far from you. There are two, main types. Some models use a continuous water source like a faucet, while others have a tank. It is up to you which type is more preferable, but if you are a professional, you are going to need the first option. It is so much better and easier to use.

Dust collection system

How efficient your machine is in keeping the dust away from you? Not all tile saws have the same capabilities, therefore you will have to pay attention to this matter. The main fact to know is that you don’t want dust to be on your floor, your saw or on you. Always look for a model that is excellent or has a high rating regarding this matter.


If you need a tile saw that is going to be used in different locations, weight has the most important role. Some models on our list are 80 pounds heavy, so they are not an appealing choice to make. Others are very lightweight, so they can be easily moved around. We mentioned one tile saw which is more than just lightweight, so at this point, it is the best alternative. On the other hand, if you are going to use it in one location only, weight is an irrelevant factor.


You can choose between a direct drive or worm drive. The best worm drive saw will provide the flexibility and the durability you need so maybe this is a better option, but only if you are planning to use for heavy-duty operations.


Some come with a stand, others offer stands as an optional extra and some don’t have it at all. It is up to you to decide which version is great for you. Try to remember that portable models do not need a stand and they can be used on the ground. Tile saws that should be used on just one location need a stand simply due to the fact it makes them easier to use.

FAQ regarding tile saws

Which did the best tile saw for homeowner is? The answers to the following questions can assist you in discovering the best unit which is also the most functional and the most appealing.

  • Is a tile saw dangerous to use?

All saws are dangerous to use, so be careful and always read the user manual. However, tile saws are generally safer to use than other models so you have one thing less to worry about.

  • When must the blade be replaced?

The blade will have to be replaced if you notice some vibrations or weird noises. In any case, always check out the blade before you start working. You never know when it is going to be damaged and replaced.

  • How long can a blade last?

This answer cannot be generalized. It depends on the size, use, the quality and what you cut. Some blades can last 12 hours only and then they must be replaced. Others have a lifespan of 120 hours. Once again, make sure you check the state of the blade before you start cutting.

  • Should I wear a mask while cutting?

You definitely should. Even the best tile saw cannot protect you from the dust that will reach the air. Yes, some models have better systems for eliminating the issue in question, but still, wearing a mask is a wise choice to make.

  • Is dressing the blade a wise choice?

Dressing a blade is common nowadays and it simply means that the blade will be sharpened. You will have to cut something that will remove the metal but won’t damage the diamond coating. Making this right is almost impossible and very complicated, therefore it is a better alternative to get a new one.

  • Should I pay attention to the packaging?

Definitely yes. Some tile saws come without blades and accessories, so you will have to get them additionally. Others come with all the essentials included, therefore they can be used on the same day you actually get them. We believe that the best tile saws come in a decent package so they can be used straightaway from the box.

  • What are the best brands?

We actually have explained the best brands in the reviews below. They are MK Diamond, Skil, and Dewalt, although Bosch models are decent as well. Anyway, these tile saws offer the ultimate quality and the best warranty.

  • What warranty should I look for?

The longer the better. Aim at a warranty of 3 years or higher. Models with a warranty of just one year are not very reliable and you don’t want to replace the entire tile saw sooner than you must.

Top 5 Tile Saws

MK Diamond MK-101 Pro 1-1/2-Horsepower- Best Overall Tile Saw

MK Diamond MK-101 Pro 1-1/2-Horsepower 10-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw with Stand
14 Reviews
MK Diamond MK-101 Pro 1-1/2-Horsepower 10-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw with Stand
  • Fully enclosed, high torque, fan-cooled, 12.6 amp commercial motor with 1.5 HP
  • Multi-position motor post and cutting head for convenient cutting of various...
  • Locking blade shaft for easy blade removal.Arbor Size : 5/8 inches (16mm) Depth...
  • Accommodates 6 inch and 8 inch profile wheels

Obviously, this is the best tile saw available on the market right now. There are several facts that can justify our claims. The main thing to know is that this model comes with all you are going to ever need. It has the commercial-grade motor of 12.6 Amp and the package is more than just decent. You get a stand, an extension kit, blades and a water pump.

Uses 6 and 8 inches profile wheels

One of many reasons why we believed this model is the best is this one. It can use 6 and 8 inches profile wheels without having to make any adjustments. In addition, switching between the blades is so easy that you are going to need a couple of minutes. Of course, you don’t need to use any heavy tools.

Superior blade shaft

Switching the blades is simple as well. This is one of the most advanced tile saws available on the market, therefore it has it all. The blades can be replaced within a matter of seconds and they use toolless replacement technique. We all know how annoying can be use of tools when replacing the blades, therefore this is a massive advantage.


  • Manufacturer: MK Diamond
  • Motor: 12.6 Amp
  • Power: 2HP
  • Weight: 150 pounds
  • Dimensions: 36 x 22.5 x 17 inches
  • Color: Red
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Superb overall quality
  • Attention to details
  • Uses 6 and 8-inch profile wheels
  • Easy and simple blade replacement
  • Great package


  • Short warranty
  • It is expensive


DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty- Tile Saw With A Stand

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw with Stand, 10-Inch (D24000S)
500 Reviews
DEWALT Wet Tile Saw with Stand, 10-Inch (D24000S)
  • Cutting capacity to rip cut 25 inch or 28 inch with a plunge and cut 18 inch x...
  • Weighing only 69 pounds, one person can transport and set up
  • 45 or 22.5 degree miter feature for quick angled cuts with dual water nozzles....
  • Plunge feature allows user to make quick plunge cuts for electrical outlets and...

The D24000S is a bit more complicated tile saw to define. It is lightweight, so it can be used as a portable model without any issues. Then we have a powerful motor and a sophisticated design, so it can be used by professionals as well. The mentioned stand is available as an optional extra, but it is far from expensive.

Systems for cutting power outlets

Making space for power outlets is extremely simple with this tile saw. This is possible thanks to a specific system it uses and the fact this is a professional model. Precisely this system made us believe that most experts will be perfectly satisfied with the purchase.

Accurate cuttings

The accuracy is the next best thing here. This machine is capable of cutting so precisely, up to 1/3 inches, so it is more than just ideal for advanced applications. It isn’t strange to add that Dewalt has been known for making some of the most accurate power tools in recent years, so this is an obvious advantage.


  • Manufacturer: Dewalt
  • Model: D24000S
  • Weight: 53 pounds
  • Dimensions: 26.8 x 25.9 x 13.7 inches
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Accuracy is top-north and definitely impressive
  • Adjusting and using the tile saw is simple
  • Affordable model with a stand
  • Great warranty


  • Due to some reason stand comes separately
  • Factory blade isn’t good


2.5 Horsepower 10″ Industrial Tile/Brick Saw- Best industrial tile saw

There is no other way to tell you this, except that this is a powerful and great tile saw needed and used by experts. As the title suggests, it is an industrial model, therefore it comes with a superb attention to the details, raw power of the motor and plenty of pros.

Modern and sophisticated motor

The main element here is the electric motor. It has been chosen for this purpose simply because it offers overload protection and great performances. The bearings are sealed, so they will last longer than usual. We can deduce that the electric motor is probably the best in the class.

Head that pivots

You can perform beveled cuts using this machine. The head will tilt between 22.5 and 45 degrees, so the overall cutting capabilities are worthy of the industrial requirements. Adjusting the tilting option is simple and requires a few seconds.


  • Manufacturer: Chicago Pneumatics
  • Power: 2.5 HP
  • Water pump: Yes
  • Stand: Optional extra
  • Includes blade: No


  • Industrial quality and features
  • Can cut bricks without any adjustments
  • Durable electric motor
  • Plenty of power in a small tile saw


  • The package doesn’t include a blade or a stand
  • Poor quality water pump


MK-370EXP 1-1/4 HP 7-Inch- Best Portable Tile Saw

MK-370EXP 1-1/4 HP 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw
81 Reviews
MK-370EXP 1-1/4 HP 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw
  • Lightweight and portable tile saw is made to the highest professional...
  • Hinged blade guard for easy blade changes and maintenance inspection
  • Built in 45° miter system
  • Plunge capability makes cutting outlets and other openings quick and easy

The tested model is all about portability and low weight. If you are looking for a tile saw that must or will be used in different locations, look no further. It is small and compact as well, therefore you can use it easier than ever before. When it comes to value for a price, it is great as well. This may be the best tile saw on the market for you.

33 pounds of weight

The weight or better said the lack of it is the main feature. The unit we tested weighs only 33 pounds and it is one of the lightest models on the market at the moment. Despite the low weight, all elements are strong and durable, so this is far from a cheap and low-end model.

45 degree miter system

A low weight isn’t the only thing that we liked about this model. It is also equipped with a 45 degree miter system, which is one of the best in this price range. Without any doubt, the tested unit can be used for more sophisticated and advanced operations. It can cut tiles up to 18 inches.


  • Manufacturer: MK Diamond
  • Model: MK 370 EXP
  • Power: ¼ HP
  • Miter system: 45 degrees
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Dimensions: 22 x 35 x 16 in


  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Decent miter system
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Accurate and easy to use


  • Lack of stand
  • Cuts are not smooth


SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw- Best Wet Tile Saw For The Money

SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw
1,318 Reviews
SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw
  • Corrosive resistent stainless steel top supports tiles up to 12 x 12-in.
  • Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge for accurate straight and miter cuts
  • Blade cooling water reservoir to keep blade cool while minimizing dust and...
  • Bevel cuts tile from 0 to 45 degrees. Cut Material: Stone/Masonry

In the lack of a better word, this tile saw can be defined as excellent. However, keep reading this wet tile saw reviews to make the right decision. There are a lot of advantages or benefits here, besides the price. The model we tested is well-made, comes with all the essentials you are going to need and it is even capable of meeting more demanding operations.

Corrosion-immune base

We all know that tile saws use water to cool down the blade and the table. This one is no different, but it has the base and the table made out of corrosion-immune materials. As such, it is going to last for a long period of time and it will look like new.

Beveled cuts are possible

The table of the model in question can bevel between 0 and 45 degrees. What this means is that you can perform beveled cuts. Of all models available on the market, we didn’t expect to see this feature on an affordable unit like this one. Anyway, it is there, so be free to use it.


  • Manufacturer: Skil
  • Model: 3540-02
  • Bevel: 0-45 degrees
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Capacity: 7 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Dimensions: 18 x 14.5 x 7.8 inches
  • Weight: 18 pounds


  • Very affordable unit
  • Perfect for small and compact cuts
  • Quiet motor
  • Water tank is built in


  • Isn’t suitable for cutting bricks
  • More powerful motor would be better


Tips to Keep Your Tile Saw Blades in Perfect Condition

It is sad that most tile saw users misuse the machine and end up doing what is not supposed to be doing. As the owner of this important tool, you can ensure that the machine works perfectly for long if you can use the correct blade for the right material if you operate your tile saw properly, and of course, perform some maintenance practices after use.

Looking after the tile saw blades is one of the ways of keeping your tool functional for long because essentially, the blades are what makes the machine. The quality of your work and consistency required can only be achieved if you have sharp blades. Whenever you see some awkward edges when cutting your tile, it is time to sharpen your blades because every cut must be neat every time. Check some of operating tips when doing both wet and dry cutting.

  • Always ensure the blade guard is in place before you start operating the machine.
  • Whenever you are doing long and continuous cuts ensure there is a consistent flow of water if you are doing the wet cutting. In the case of dry cutting keep turning the blade for some few minutes to allow it to cool.
  • If the material you are cutting is hard, you will need more lubricant in terms of water for wet cutting and more time for cooling if it is dry cutting.
  • Do not force your blades into the material; just let them cut in their own pace. Never allow your blades to deflect in the cut else you will end up with very rough cuts and sometimes the tile may end up breaking.

So in keeping your blade in perfect working conditions ensure the following:

  1. Clean it after use

This is a major maintenance practice that you should be doing after every use. As you are cutting some debris will be forming and building up around the blade, if not cleaned, they will make your blades blunt. You can use a plastic scraper and maybe some detergent to remove stubborn sediments.

  1. Prevent Rusting

This can cause a blunt blade very easily. A cold and damp store will always cause some rust. Ensure you use a protective coat, some silica gels or a dehumidifier when storing your machine.

  1. Regularly sharpen your blades

Follow the manufacturer’s guide.

  1. Replace any worn out or damaged blades

Whenever there are deep dents on your blade, it is time to replace it. No matter how much you take care of the machine, one day you will need some replacement.


The best tile saw is here and it is ready for you. We tested 5 models that are currently the most popular among the users and which bring the best results overall. The best unit is MK Diamond MK-101 and it got 4 out of 5 stars. Reasons for that are simple. It is well-made, comes with great accessories and it is a professional tile saw. All of you will be impressed with its capabilities. Other models are a decent choice as well. All 4 of them are known to be used in professional and semi-professional applications and they meet the requirements without any issues. In the end, all we can say is that the best models are all 5 units, but the best one for you is just the one.

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  1. This website is super helpful. All the info here is straight to the point, so there was no problem choosing the tile saw. I ended up getting MK-370EXP. Looks really good so far..

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