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Best Rosin Press Ever: 5 Models Tested And Reviewed

Rosin presses are still relatively new tools on the market, but due to superb functionality and even better results, they are more than a just an important tool to have. Basically, they use a combination of heat and pressure to extract rosin. But, these tools are by far more complicated than it sounds, so you will definitely need the best rosin press.

Don’t have time to read? Here are our top choices to save your time, otherwise keep reading to make the best decision
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✅ 5. Tuopuke Rosin Press 3×5 (Great Value) – Check Price On Amazon

Factors to consider

As we have just mentioned rosin presses are complicated tools, therefore there are a lot of factors which must be taken into account. Below we will list the main ones, which can make a search for this tool much easier.

  • Temperature

Temperature is essential for making a high-quality rosin. Here we can see two alternatives. The first temperature range is between 150 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit. In this case scenario, you will get better flavor but less yield. Now we have a higher temperature between 220 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, you can expect more yield but less flavor. Ideally, you would use temperatures above 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Pressure

Pressure is the second most important factor when it comes to choosing the right rosin press. Here you should target for something starting from 500PSI. Of course, the more is better and most presses can provide pressure up to 1300PSI, which is generally enough for most applications.

    • Type of a rosin press

There are several types of these presses. Determining what you actually need will give you an answer to the question which press you actually need. Now we will explain the most common types.

DIY- These presses are based on standard hydraulic presses but heaters are added. You will need a lot of adjustments and a hydraulic press of 10-20 tons.

Manual- Here we have the most popular type. They are great for home-based applications and they are the smallest of them all. They are obviously called manual because you will use your own force to operate them.

Hydraulic- These presses may provide up to 30 tons of pressure, but they offer the heating option as well. When it comes to practicality, they are small and compact as well, almost the same as manual models.

Pneumatic- These presses use air rather than oil and they are very sophisticated. Despite the fact they are similar to hydraulic models, they can be adjusted during the process itself. All you have to do is to press a button.

Electric- When it comes to electric models, they require power outlets and that’s it. Yes, most of them are 1-2 ton presses, but there are 10-ton pressure models out there. On average, you should look for 7000 pounds pressure press.

Hybrid models- And now we have the most interesting press of them all. They are basically hydraulic presses, but they can be powered by air, electricity or a hand pump.

Make sure to take into consideration all of the factors we have mentioned here in order to get the best rosin press out there. Getting the best results isn’t very complicated, after all.

Top 5 Models

Rosineer RNR-MV2 Manual Rosin Press

This is a manual rosin press. It is the best due to the fact it is easy to use, it is affordable, but it still offers great results. The pressure it can provide is between 300 and 650 PSI. Furthermore, it has 3×4 inch heating plates, which is sufficient for most users. In essence, you get a great quality at a low price.

With this model, there is no need to use air compressor or electricity. The steel insulation is above average and the unit is durable. Of course, it can be easily adjusted and it will always provide the best results, so it has to be the first model on our list.




  • Manual model so you can use it anywhere you want
  • Well-designed heat plates
  • Overall quality
  • Affordable


  • Low amount of pressure
  • Some elements are made from cheap materials

Quick Clamps Dual Heat Plates Digital Temperature Control Box Rosin Press Manual Rosin Extractor Pressure Machine

And now we have a unit which is a bit special. First of all, the heating plates have 5×5 inch dimensions, but they are also non-stick plated, thanks to a clever coating. We also liked the temperature range which is digitally controlled and it can reach 415 degrees Fahrenheit, which is above average and sufficient for most users today. The pressure is also an advantage of this model and it can reach 3000PSI.

In nutshell, this is a great rosin press which is still a manual model but it offers more sophisticated features than similar models from the same price range. We liked the idea and the design of the unit, so should you. Of course, it comes with a 1-year warranty.



  • Digital temperature control
  • High level of pressure
  • 415 degrees Fahrenheit of heat
  • Coated heat plates


  • Reaching high pressure is complicated
  • Useless user manual

Habit 3 x 5 Rosin Press Set with heaters and Controller

If you are looking for something else, something more sophisticated, the model in question is the answer to your quest. First and foremost, this is an electric, hydraulic rosin press which can deliver up to 15.000 PSI of pressure, which is more than just a decent range. It is also made for professionals, so it isn’t very affordable, but you get it all.

Keep in mind that you cannot move or adjust the press until the plates are completely cooled down. This fact actually comes from the manufacturer.




  • Easy to use
  • 000PSI
  • Modern design
  • Controller


  • Long cooling time
  • Cannot be adjusted while operating

LilSmasher – Rosin Press

The LilSmasher – Rosin Press is a pneumatic press which will deliver 6500 PSI pressure at any given moment. It comes with a modern de3sign, although it looks a bit strange and with all the elements you are going to need. The heater is 300W, so the desired temperature is more than just easy to reach.

This press is designed and made for heavy-duty usages where plenty of rosin is needed. It comes in a steel housing and it is made in the United States. If you are looking for the best pneumatic press, now you know where to look.






  • Heavy-duty model
  • For professional applications
  • Pressure and temperature settings
  • Easy to use


  • Some elements look obsolete
  • Pressure will start declining after some time

Tuopuke Rosin Press 3×5” Plates Heavy Duty

This is another model designed for heavy-duty applications. It is sophisticated, modern and when comes to pressure, it can withstand up to 20 tons. The secret is in the plates which are 40 mm thick and made from aluminum, while most other models have 15-mm thick plates.

The max temperature is 415 degrees Fahrenheit, so you will get plenty of needed heat. In a nutshell, this is an affordable unit, based on the latest technology, for those who want the best. It comes with everything you are going to need and it is built to last.




  • Design
  • Pressure
  • Temperature rising
  • Thicker plates than usual


  • Temperature readings are not very accurate
  • Customer support


The best rosin press is here on the list. All you need to do is to choose the model which suits you the most and the one which can meet all your demands. We tested only the best models, with the best features and with the best quality. Regardless of the unit you choose, you won’t make a mistake. And if you need reloading press read our article as well.



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