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By definition, welding is a process that melts and joins metals together. Apart from being used for metals, this process can also melt plastics and other materials. By causing fusion, the welding machine will cause the materials to melt.

Welding should not be confused with soldering or brazing which are a different joining technique using lower temperatures. Depending on what materials you need to use, you will have to find the appropriate welding machine.

Common Types of Welders

By far the most popular method used at home for joining materials is stick welding. Because it’s fairly simple to use, the stick welding machine is considered to be the best welder for beginner! This type of welders can be effective in drafty areas, outdoors or even indoors. It can weld most joints or alloys effectively and economically. Usually, Stick Welding can create a bond between old, rusty and dirty metals.

MIG Welding is easier to use on thin or thick plate metals because the process is mostly based on electrical current. This method uses an electrode that will create an arc of electrical current between a wire and a base metal. The wire will melt and join with the base and this will create a high strength weld that usually looks great and doesn’t need any cleaning.

If you want to weld stainless steel or any kind of alloy steel or nonferrous metals like magnesium, copper or aluminum you should probably use TIG welding. This process is similar to MIG Welding, but it uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode. This process is protected from atmospheric contamination because it usually uses argon which creates a shield made of gas and a metal filler. Of course, there are some types of welds which don’t require the shielding gas.

So which of these types of welding machines is actually the best welder for the money? We at believe that the best purchase you can make is to get yourself a multi process welder. These types of machines can take care of MIG, TIG, and stick welding tasks. Unfortunately, they’re usually a bit pricey. But, reading our multi process welder reviews will help you find the most affordable machines of the highest quality!

If you are thinking seriously about welding careers you can learn more about welding job and even how much do welders make.

Best Welder Brands

For some people buying a welder is a big investment. That is why choosing a high-performance machine that’s gonna last for a long time is a priority. One of the best ways of ensuring that you buy a quality product is by focusing on those manufactured by reputable brands.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that other companies don’t make best cheap welder devices. The truth is that there are many other manufacturers that produce high-quality welding machines. The problem is finding them. That’s where we step in! will help you find the machine you need. All you got to do is go through our best budget welder reviews!


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